Welcome to Chris Mason Performance, Sheffield's Premier Personal Training Facility for Body Transformation Results

Known as the 'go to' personal training gym in Sheffield the goal of Chris Mason Performance is to help you achieve the health, fitness and body transformation results that you've always wanted.
Results like these.....

**Gene lost 17kg, dropped his belly fat and was in better shape than his 20's

*Jo lost 48lbs, 2 dress sizes and regained her body confidence and even had a photoshoot to cap off her journey!

*Lance lost 38lbs in just 16 weeks, finally achieving the results he'd wanted for YEARS

*Charlotte completely changed her body with my proven female fat loss system!

* Stuart went from a XXL to a Medium in just 14 weeks!

*Mum of two, Becky, achieved phenomenal results in 12 weeks with CMPGyms. 

Welcome to Chris Mason Performance, You'll Find That We Are Different To What You're Used To.

This Is Results Focussed Personal Training In One Of The UK's Leading Personal Training Facilities.

I Help Real People Achieve Real, Amazing Transformation Results
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Here's What These CMP Clients Had To Say About Their Transformation Results! 
Safe, Limited Contact and Results Driven Personal Training In A Luxury World Class Personal Training Facility
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Expert Personal Training In The Heart of Sheffield, Here Is Where You Can Find Us

* Selina lost 3 dress sizes in 13 weeks!

* Vegetarian Andy, revealed his best shape ever in just 12 weeks!

Julie got into the shape of her life through my female fat loss protocols!

* Sheffield Mum, Shelley completely transformed her body and even completed a photoshoot!

* Businessman and Dad of one, Craig lost a whopping 52lbs in just 12 weeks of coaching!

* Mel wasn't sure that CMPGyms would work for her but went onto achieve results in 12 weeks she'd been trying to achieve for years!

A Message from Chris Mason.

My main goal when creating Chris Mason Performance was to be able to bring amazing body transformation results through offering the highest of personal training services and a world class private facility for the clients we served.
Being able to be a huge part of the 100's of transformations, some of which i share with you on this page, is what excites and motivates me. 
If you choose to work with Chris Mason Performance, we will do all we can to help deliver your dream results.

As Featured On...

*Claire achieved the results of her dreams at 56!

*Nick lost an incredible 57lbs in just 16 weeks!

*Nicole completely changed her body and stubborn areas with my female fat loss system!

*Mads achieved these phenomenal results in just 12 weeks

*Rachael completed her weight loss journey by achieving a size 10 for the first time her in adult life! 

* Ed lost 43lbs in just 12 weeks!

Sheffield's Leading Personal Trainers For Results

Our world class, private personal facility caters for all types of clients and our aim is to help you achieve the body, health and fitness you can be proud of, no matter your starting position.
We specialize in fat loss, muscle building and body transformations! 
Our culture and environment is focused only on helping you achieve one thing; results.
It's your body, health and fitness. TRANSFORMED.

*Jimmy got into the shape of his life in 12 weeks!

*Chaaya lost 57lbs and five dress sizes, completing the transformation of a lifetime!

*Andy lost 43lbs in just 12 weeks, going from a XXL to a Medium!

*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.