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Helping Men and Women in Sheffield lose weight, drop body fat, build lean muscle and rediscover their body confidence without fad diets!

 We provide expert fitness, nutrition and body transformation programs at our premier facility in Sheffield, where Men and Women can finally see the results they have always wanted without feeling uncomfortable or just another number at a gym.

~ Owner and Founder, Chris Mason

Here's Just A Small Collection of The 1000's of Transformations My Clients Have Achieved With Us

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1-1 Private Personal Training in A High End, World Class, Private Gym With Expert Coaching

I don't believe that personal training clients should ever have to wait around for equipment or be provided with bog standard, basic exercise programs that don't produce results ever.

At CMP, your time, investment and effort are not taken for granted and so we offer you an exclusive personal training service that cannot be matched!.

How Gene Lost 37lbs and Changed His Life

After just 24 weeks of coaching Gene lost 37lbs in weight and became fitter and leaner than he was in his 20's

The keys to his success were;

  • A flexible diet that included all types of food so that Gene never felt like he was dieting 
  • Lifting weights 4x per week and meeting a daily step target that allowed him to get stronger and leaner each week
  • Accountability from a personal training team that truly cares about results so that support and guidance was there when Gene needed it the most

How Jo Lost 48lbs, 3 Dress Sizes and Complete Her First Ever Photoshoot

Jo finally achieve results that other personal trainers, gyms and diets hadn't provided her before joining CMP

The keys to his success were;

  • Nutritional education so that Jo was no longer cutting out carbs like pasta, potatoes and bread, instead using them to work for her. 
  • Having a tailored exercise program that introduced her to weight training to allow her to develop tone, shape and definition.
  • Weekly assessments so that Jo could see the progress and education on long term results so that she was no longer 'all or nothing' about her weight.

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