Let me welcome you to Chris Mason Performance.

I'd like to tell you that transforming your body is easy work and i'd like to tell you that everyone who joins a gym ends up achieving the results that they always wanted.

But transforming your body isn't easy work and gyms alone cannot guarantee you the results you crave.

That you already know.​

Trying to decipher which diet is best to follow or which exercise produces head turning results is becoming more and more confusing and more difficult for the average gym goer each year. Simply put, you get lost in the shuffle and seem to never see the changes in your body that you've been trying so hard to achieve.

* Here are just a few of our clients body transformation results to show you what you could be achieving.

You want to feel better about your body, you want to look in the mirror and like what you see and you want to learn how to get into shape without following a fad diet or quick fix scheme that never works long term.

And because your body and your health are depending on you to make the right choice, you're going to need a serious team of trainers who specialise in those very results that you're searching for.

At Chris Mason Performance, results and not members is our sole focus. 

I want to offer you the very best in our luxury private gym and i want to give you the tools from our body transformation coaching program to be able to achieve head turning results in a matter of months where most have failed for years. 

Bold statement i know.

But after delivering over 10,000 personal training sessions over the last 10 years and overseeing many more from my team, i have the portfolio of results to be confident in that statement as long as you bring equal commitment and focus to the table when you're working with us.

And so in closing, i'd like to thank you for visiting our site and taking a look at one of the U.K's premier personal training teams for results and if you'd like to understand more about how we work, take a look at our personal training packages here.

Whilst you're there i will also share with you some of our success stories and incredible client results.

Remember these people are normal people just like you and i. They have very busy schedules, often work long hours or travel with work frequently, they have families to look after.

Any result that you see one of our clients achieve is well within your own reach and could be the result that you also go onto achieve with us in our renowned body transformation coaching program.

(if you have the determination and drive to succeed that is)​

And so, feel free to take a look at those results, some of the articles and information on the site and when you're finally ready to achieve the results you have always wanted, we'll be more than happy to help.



*Becky overcame injuries and set backs to complete her first ever photoshoot!

*Lynne changed from a size 12 to a size 8 while eating four meals a day!

*Debbie went from a size 20 to a size 12 without 'dieting' in just 9 months

*Fahmi lost a whole lot of belly fat and completely changed shape!

*Mike got visible abs by lifting weights in the program in just 8 weeks!

*Neil finally started seeing the physique he'd always wanted

*Rachel completed her weightloss journey by getting into a size 10 dress!

*K produced these amazing results in just 16 weeks following through our coaching program

*Sabine finally lost that stubborn belly fat to fit back into her size 8 clothes

*Haran completed his first ever photoshoot, producing these results in 12 weeks

*​Kate learnt how to lift weights and was rewarded with these amazing fatloss results!

*Ian lost over 30lbs and a lot of body fat in just 16 weeks

I can't tell you that it is going to be easy, but i can guarantee it will be worth it

The one thing that you want right now is to see an improvement in your body and be happy when you look in the mirror. Without a doubt, one of the hardest challenges that you face is changing the habits of a lifetime and breaking away from the same old weight loss routine you find yourself in everytime you've reached that point where you've had enough.

Well let me tell you why it doesn't have to be this hard.

I've spent the last ten years constantly evaluating how we help our clients achieve results and because of that we have one of the strongest portfolios of client success stories and transformations in the U.K. and we have trained every client imaginable and helped them achieve outstanding results *if* they have put the work in. 

And that's the most important part of getting results.......YOU.

So if you're ready to finally achieve the results you have always wanted, get in touch with us today.

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*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.