Is this why you’re not changing shape?

I think i’ve cracked one of the HUGE reasons you’re
not seeing results from the gym

Honestly, if anything this will hold you back just as
much as not knowing what to do in the first place to
change shape

and it struck me when i trained this evening in a local
gym near where i live.

I’d trained clients earlier in the day and wanted to get
out ahead of the Sheffield traffic as i live outside the

So i get to the gym,

6.40pm and it’s PACKED.

Dudes with single string vests on everywhere and the weights
area was absolutely rammed.

I can see why it can be a daunting place for you to want to
go in. Looking something like this but with weights everywhere too.


busy gym

So anywhoo,

First on my plan;


Great, only one olympic bar that someones bicep curling with.

I’ll have to use DB’s instead.

Next up;

Seated Rows – little wait, no problem though as i managed to jump on the machine while
the dude was updating his instagram

Then Wide Grip Pulldowns,

No chance. A group of four guys around the machine taking turns

I’ll have to change.

Then onto Triceps.

All three exercises changed to suit the gym and not to suit ME.

And it got me thinking.

How many times per week do you get to the gym and either

A) have to change virtually EVERYTHING in your program? (if you have a program that works,
that is)


B) just get on the treadmill, rower or crosstrainer for half an hour just because it’s
less hassle?

<<< Truth right there.

And this is where you are limited.

Quite frankly, gyms are just gyms if they’re aren’t producing RESULTS.

and they’re pretty pointless if they AREN’T helping you lose the weight and tone up, which
for you is probably the reason you joined in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, i had a GREAT workout but i wouldn’t want to have to keep
chopping and changing my exercises to suit all the time, otherwise it means i wouldn’t
see the progress i wanted to

There are reasons why i pick certain exercises at certains points of the program for
me and for you too,

So if you’re ALWAYS at a loss when you walk through the door,

Then it doesn’t matter what you know about exercise if you can’t actually get to do it, you know?

It was kinda funny as i did a consultation with a guy just this week who was looking to
join us not just because he wanted the head turning results we produce but also wanted the
exclusivity of training in a private gym where we can literally do ANYTHING or ANY program
we want to.

and the main reason i keep us appointment only is so that our clients not only
receive the best coaching for weight loss results you can invest in but they also have the free
run of a private gym that contains more variety of equipment that you can imagine considering there
will be you and one other client training at the same time.





Talk about luxury

It’s probably also why they end up staying longer term.


Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason