Would You Like To Lose Weight, Drop Excess Body Fat and Tone Up Without It Taking YEARS?

Read on if you're fed up of not seeing the results you want from gyms, personal trainers, diets and exercise....

and want results like these instead --->>>

*Ed lost an incredible 43lbs in just 12 weeks of CMP transformation coaching!

*Mum of one, Julie, completed her first ever photoshoot!

*Jo lost belly fat, dress sizes and regain her body confident in just 16 weeks

* Lance Dropped 38lbs in 16 weeks to complete his first ever photoshoot!

* Craig lost 52lbs in 12 weeks to transform his health and fitness!

* Sarah lost an incredible FOUR dress sizes and 26lbs in 12 weeks!

But First A Little Honesty Before We Go Any Further

This isn't one of those quick fix fad diets that promises results from doing nothing.

Nor is it some crazy 'you can lose 14lbs in a day from just five minutes of exercise' flat out lie 

There is no magic pill to losing fat from your problem areas, toning up, building muscle and transforming your body for good.

And although through our personal training programs we've helped hundreds of people with every type of body shape imaginable develop better body confidence, end yo yo dieting and get lean enough to step on stage to achieve results they never thought possible....

We can only achieve these results with people committed and ready to change.

With that being said, let me tell you exactly what you're getting from working with my team

First of all you're working with one of the UK's leading body transformation personal training teams at our luxury and private personal training gym in Sheffield 

This is dramatically different to anything you have experienced with gyms, diet clubs or personal trainers

Our goal is to deliver results as fast as possible through diet and exercise without fluff or filler and without wasting time.

This means we do the heavy lifting for you and create your program three months in advance so that we can predict and EXPECT to see the results we're planning to achieve.

And the best part is that we'll teach you how to keep the results you achieve with us through, no more fads.

So if this sound like something you need to help you reach the results that you've always wanted, feel free to complete an enquiry form below and we'll be in touch to dive deeper into how we can help you become our next successful body transformation client

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It's About More Than Just Losing Fat

The truth is that most of our clients started out feeling lost about what to do in gyms

Struggled with endless years of yo - yo dieting, dieting and then bingeing
Didn't like what they saw when they looked in the mirror 

Ate so poorly that they were tired, moody and irritable constantly

Felt unconfident when clothes shopping, so just didn't buy anything at all 

Felt embarrassed when going swimming with their kids or on when on the beach 

Felt like they'd never be successful at getting into shape even though they were successful in their careers

So when they were taught proper nutrition, we're shown how to maximise their gym sessions and finally started to see faster changes not only in their body but also their energy, mood, sleep and confidence all of a sudden they were happier in most if not all areas of their life

You Can Find Our Private Personal Training Gym In The Heart Of Sheffield at 376 Cemetery Road, Sharrowvale, S11 8FT (near Ecclesall Rd)

* Ed lost 43lbs in just 12 weeks, completely transforming his body and daily habits!

* Paul achieved spectacular results in just 12 weeks and a six pack at 40!

* Nicole dropped belly fat for good, swapping cardio for weights and interval training

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The Top 3 Frustrations That People Have Before Seeing Us Are

1. You can't lose weight from your stomach, hips and or legs, no matter what you do

2. You don't enjoy gyms because they're too crowded, aren't welcoming and you feel like you're being looked at.

3. How you feel about your body just isn't making you happy and it's affecting your mood and how you are with your friends and family.

These three reasons are why at CMPGyms, our worldclass personal training facilities are private and appointment only.

So that you are afforded the luxury and expert driven services that will help you achieve results like these...

*This lady dropped 35lbs in just 20 weeks!

* Ben lost 32lbs in just 12 weeks to achieve this fantastic result

* Becky achieved her first ever photoshoot transformation result in just 12 weeks!

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Our world class private gym caters for all types of clients and levels of fitness, no matter your starting position.

We specialize in fat loss, muscle building and body transformations! 

Our culture and environment is focused only on helping you achieve one thing; results.

It's your body, health and fitness. TRANSFORMED.

As Featured On...

*if these clients can do it, so can you

* Kalyan achieved the body he'd been trying to achieve for years in just 120 days!

* Rachel swapped fad diets for proper nutrition and achieved this result in just 10 weeks

* Gemma achieved results in 11 weeks that she hadn't ever seen through our transformation program.

* Vegetarian Andy, achieved these phenomenal results in just 12 weeks.

* Laura lost 20+lbs and a dress size to feel lighter and better about herself.

* Jimmy lost 32lbs to reveal the shape of his life!

At CMP, We Aren't Like Most Personal Trainers

And we don't offer personal training by the 'session'.

All of our personal training options are based around packages for results. 

Here's how we work.

Proven System For Results

Our Transformation Programming is designed to help maximize your results and produce workouts that actually create changes in your body!

Your programs are created 12 weeks in advance so that you never stagnate and always make progress.

We'll remove the guess work and give you a specific program to follow so that you finally see the results you want.

Tailored Nutrition That Works

Nutrition for fat loss is much more specific than following a 'diet'. And what works now, won't work in four weeks time.

Combined with our Transformation Programming, your nutritional plans are tweaked and changed throughout your coaching to make sure you results are in sight.

Private & Premier Personal Training

Our Personal Training gyms are like no other!

Our business is results, not gym memberships and so you're afforded a world class, luxury gym that offers you the chance of getting the most from your personal training transformation sessions without ever wasting your valuable gym time, waiting for equipment or feeling uncomfortable.

Meet Tim

Tim lost a whopping 30lbs in weight and 3 shirt sizes following the CMP Personal Training Program despite running five business and providing for his young family.

*Here is Tim's Transformation Story.

Meet Sarah

Sarah dropped an amazing five dress sizes and 26lbs in just 12 weeks by training in our private personal training gym and following her tailored nutritional plan.

*Here's what her transformation meant to her.

Sheffield's Leading Private Personal Training Gym

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*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.