Women Aren’t Designed To Do Just Cardio and Classes

In the grand scheme of things of gyms just aren’t cutting it for Men or for Women.

But especially you ladies…

You see it isn’t the gym itself that is the reason why you’re not getting results but more of what you’re doing in the gym that doesn’t mean as much as you’d think if you’re looking to lose weight and tone up.

That may have shocked and angered you and it’s ok if you disagree,

But the reason i am writing you this article is not to hinder you but to help,

So here’s the #1 reason why you aren’t getting results;

You aren’t only designed to do cardio, you know.

and on the face of it, that might seem a funny thing to say but think about
when you joined up with the gym you’re currently at.

Remember, that day you were shown around the gym?

You’ll have seen treadmills,


The Spin Room,

Where the classes are held.

The question is….

Did they even show you any other area of the gym other than the cardio
and classes section?


Because most gyms are set up to drive Women into the cardio area and Men into the weights area.

Or the way that the gym is set up means that it isn’t the most of comfortable of experiences to walk into an area full of testosterone fueled Men.

(At least it feels that way, even if most people are only ever concerned with their own workouts and not yours)

women cardio

This is why when your gym advertises to you, they include images like this.

But the truth of the matter is that just because you’re female, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t lift weights

And in fact,

More often than not, that’s the one thing missing from your exercise profile right now that’s going to make a huge difference to shaping up your body and getting you the result that you want.

Simply, being shown the cardio and class section is a huge waste of your time if you want to see and improvement in your body and is huge a slap in the face to your results.


The point of it is this;

If you want a waist that pinches in at the middle, legs to be sleek and slender, a super toned bum that lifts and feel great about your body then in my humble opinion you’re gonna have to learn how to lift weights.


Because weight training isn’t just for the jacked up bodybuilders and Olympic athletes.

It’s for YOU too.

Weight training helps us;

  • Increase the amount of lean muscle your body carries
  • Strengthens connective tissue and makes your joints more compact and less prone to injury
  • Helps you achieve the type of ‘tone’ to your body that you’ve always wanted
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and deal better with carbohydrates as the muscle store more carbohydrate in the form of glycogen
  • Helps increase anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormones which are just as important to Women as they are Men
  • Increases our metabolic activity just by adding muscle tissue which requires a constant supply of nutrients to be maintained
  • Improves bone mineral density, making you less prone to fractures and breaks
  • Increases the ‘afterburn’ effect as your body looks repay the energetic and structural debt caused by weight training
  • Gives you a greater sense of achievement as you actively see how you’re improving the weights you’re lifting each week.

It’s literally the best fat loss bang for your buck exercise that you can do and will create waves of changes to your body that you can actually SEE.

You Won’t Get Big and Bulky!

(not without the use of drugs anyhow)

Right now there is a disconnect when it comes to Women and weight training and it may be the reason why you aren’t lifting iron.

You see there’s a old wives tale that goes a lot like this;

Men lift weights,

Men get bulky,

So if Women lift weights,

Women get bulky.

It’s gotten a bad rap because you may assume that through weight lifting, you’re going to get a big and bulky body instead of a lean and toned body that you really want.

But the truth is, you don’t have to worry.

Your capacity to add a lot of muscle isn’t so huge because of your genetic and hormonal profile!

So the only thing that will happen from lifting weights is that you’re going to see better results and changes in your body as you learn how to combine weight training with cardio,and of course good nutrition, you’re likely to end up with the body that you want.

and to point you in the right direction if you do want to start seeing better and faster results from the gym, here are a couple of articles to help you achieve your goals;

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Yours in Health,


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