What’s The Best Exercise To Lose Weight?

Is a question that over the years i’ve been asked a LOT as you’d imagine.

So i’m going to share with you a few secrets that i’ve learnt over the past 10 years of helping people shred fat for fun.

Because i’ve found and many other have too, that certain programs work better for certain types of body shapes, body fat levels and current training experience. 

So if you’re looking for hard and fast rules as to which program i’d have you follow, it would be this;

If you’re over 20% body fat and just seem to store fat on your legs, abdomen, butt and arms
then a wholebody approach to fat loss is going to be best and bring you the most bang for
your buck.

(You could follow a split training routine too, but would have to ensure more cardiovascular work is included too alongside a calorie deficit)

If you’re under 20% and need more fine tuning than an overhaul then a split training style
will be the best for you to shape up further.

Over 20% Body Fat

  • Wholebody training working your chest, back, shoulders, hamstrings, quads, glutes all in one session.
  • Train across a broad rep range 5 – 25 reps for sets.
  • Frequency: 3 – 4 times per week.
  • You could use single sets, supersets for opposing muscle groups.
  • Supersets for upper / lower muscle groups.
  • Tri sets.
  • Giant sets (4 or more exercises in a row).
  • The available permutations are literally endless.

This type of approach would allow you to stimulate muscle groups more frequently and could be completed in a way that would challenge the energy systems too which would improve cardiovascular conditioning alongside improving muscle strength and ‘tone’.

Not to mention the ‘metabolic’ elements of peripheral heart action supersets, tri sets and giant sets would create a larger calorie expenditure than say a direct arms session, this could potentially help lose body fat faster whilst concurrently gaining fitness.

Under 20% Body Fat

  • Push, Pull, Legs
  • Upper / Lower Splits
  • Traditional bodybuilding splits
  • Training across a broad rep range 5 – 25 reps for sets.
  • 3 – 6 times per week.
  • Usually i don’t go much beyond 4 lifting sessions per week with clients as you have much more mileage in the tank before needing split training sessions or you may not have the time to lift 6 times per week.

As your body fat is lower and it’s highly likely that you fall into more of ‘experienced’ gym goer category, split training would be a better option as it would allow you to increase the volume of work performed by specific muscle groups and potentially gain more muscle tissue if that were your goal. 

This style of training does require more commitment as if you’re following a split and happen to miss a session, you would need to play catch up in order to ensure that you don’t created an imbalanced approach to physical development but most definitely is effective if you’re looking to progress on from a more ‘general’ approach to training.

So what will produce the fastest results for you completely DEPENDS on your starting body fat, health and condition.

Here’s an example of a wholebody superset;

ExerciseSets RestTempoSession 1 Session 2 Session 3  Session 4
A1. Machine Chest Press4x60s4010    
A2. Leg Curls4x 3110    

Could you superset the two exercises?

ExerciseSetsTempoSession 1Session 2Session 3Session 4
A.    Incline Barbell Press4x3010    
B1. High To Low Cable Flies3x3110    
B2. DB Flat Press3x3110    

Could you implement this portion of a Chest workout?

A.    Lying Leg Curls3x3010
B.     Split Squats3x 4010
C.    Leg Press (Drop Set)4x3110
D.    1.5 Hack Squats4x2010
E.     Leg Extensions (last set fail)3x3011

How about this lower workout?

Different body shapes, experience and ability will always dictate where you start and which exercise program and nutritional plan you would follow.

The trick is to know where you need to start and hopefully this article will have pointed you in the right direction toward the results you really want!

Yours in Health,


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