Is your weight playing tricks on you?

Digital Bathroom Scale Displaying OMG Message
Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to lose weight
but the scale just doesn’t seem to be moving or if it is,
it’s moving at a snails pace?

You’re pinning your hopes on losing weight so that you
lose flab, cellulite and FINALLY fit back into your favourite
dress hanging in the wardrobe

or you’re a dude that’s trying to lose his gut but the scale just

doesn’t seem to be shifting

Or if you are losing weight it’s painfully slow and fluctuates a LOT

Unfortunately my friend, this is a common story when you’re
trying to lose weight.

One minute your weight is up, then it’s down and then it’s back
up again.

Kinda like Donald Trumps toupee in a strong wind : )

What the hell is going on?

You ask exasperated and ready to chuck in

the towel as you’re not seeing what you thought would happen.

Well, here is the truth.

Your body is going on, that’s what.

So, to help you understand why scale weight alone isn’t the best

measure of whether you’re doing well,  i made myself do a little bit of a ‘guinea pig trial’ for your
amusement and for the fun of it.

and to show you how much your weight WILL fluctuate over a given week.

Here are my weight recordings over a given week.

Two weeks ago to be precise.

I weighed myself at 10am every morning and didn’t change anything in my
exercise or nutritonal regime

So here are the stats

Monday – 103.9kg

Tuesday – 103.8kg

Wednesday – 105.8kg

Thursday – 105kg

Friday – 104.2kg

Saturday – 104.7kg

Sunday – 103.1kg

That’s as much as a 2.7kg or a 6lb difference over the week!

So if this was you, you’d either be HAPPY at 103.1 kg
or desperately sad and ready to give in at 105.8kg

But my *body* hadn’t really changed.


Yes, really.

I *looked* the same at 105.8 as i did at 103.1

and to be truthful your weight is open to so many factors such


menstrual cycle



water retention

and health status

Which is why it drives me crazy when you beat yourself up about your
weight all the time.

It doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear and it doesn’t always
mean that you’re losing fat from day to day just because it fluctuates, focusing

on a weekly or monthly average would be your best predictor of weight loss.


If you are consistently gaining weight week after week, your clothes
are getting tighter and the cellulite on your legs look like cottage cheese
stuffed in fishnets or you’re a dude that looks more like Danny De Vito than he does

Gerard Butler, then you are
more than likely gaining fat and something ISN’T right with your
nutrition or exercise regime

and so it needs to change if you want to see your weight go down and
body loseth the fatteth.

Which is why, it’s kinda lucky that you and i are both in Sheffield and we offer our body transformation program that

produces stellar results with normal people who have families, lives and busy jobs and can’t live in a gym 24 / 7

like your favourite instagram fitness model. Kinda like these 😉


Chaaya ~ 57lbs lost

Ian Back

Ian ~ 30lbs lost


Yours in Health,


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