Usman Achieves Six Pack Abs Using Our 12 Week Body Transformation Program

Like many CMP clients Usman had been trying hard to achieve results by going to the gym, hiring personal trainers and sticking to what he thought was a healthy diet.

He couldn’t understand why results just weren’t happening for him.

Which is when he found himself at CMP, ready to commit to our body transformation and in just 12 weeks he achieved the outstanding results that i am about to share with you.

“Everything that I had learned prior to joining CMP was either a myth or a fad”

Your transformation results are incredible, how do you feel about your achievements?

It’s an eye opener. I didn’t think these sorts of results were achievable in such a short amount of

time. I feel fitter, leaner and now in a position where i can start adding more lean muscle mass

without putting on any excess mass. I’ve trained with 3 personal trainers as well as on my own for

the last 3 years and the only time I came close to this type of result was through unsustainable

dieting. I’ve not found this program a challenge from a dieting perspective yet have still got amazing


One of our previous clients recommended us to you and you had been to see other personal

trainers, why did you choose us?

I’ve been with personal trainers who’ve stuck me on a treadmill for 30 minutes and disappeared, and

others who weren’t very professional. Ideally, I was looking for a professional personal trainer who

personalised my plan and recorded my progress so I could achieve better results, and also helped

with nutrition side of things as this was my main obstacle. After reading the reviews i took the

plunge, overall it’s been a more than worthwhile investment. I now know the level of intensity and

will power it takes to achieve results.

What specific results have you achieved through our body transformation program?

As someone who plays football on a weekly basis, i can now run for 60-90 minutes without feeling

tired. This is not something I’ve achieved before. Also, I can now see my abs which were foreign to

me 3 months ago. I’ve become stronger at a lower and slimmer weight and best of all, i now have

the knowledge to transform further. The results speak for themselves.

What would you say to others thinking about joining our program?

I would happily be contacted by prospective clients to give them a holistic opinion and review about

this program. I would recommend CMP solely on the basis that they genuinely care about the

progress of their clients. This, along with the amazing results you achieve make it a no brainer.

What’s been the biggest thing that you’ve learnt from your 12 week transformation?

Everything that I had learned prior to joining CMP was either a myth or a fad. The knowledge I’ve

gained has been invaluable. I’ve realised I don’t need to make depressing and unsustainable changes

to my regime in order to achieve maximum results.

What’s next for you?

If you do something for 90 days it becomes normal therefore i’ll be able to carry on training at the

same level of intensity. I’m also going to increase my calorie count whereby I can add more lean

mass and make further progress; I believe my body is now in a position to do this. I also now have

the knowledge to do this without adding excess mass.

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Chris Mason