Zoom Based Personal Training with Chris Mason Performance.

Sheffield's leading personal trainers for results are now transforming their clients from their home with their proven personal training programmes, delivered online via zoom.

Because your results don't have to go into lockdown when we do.

Chris Mason

Owner of Chris Mason Performance

A CMP our goal is to help our clients lose weight, tone up, develop better habits and finally see the results they always wanted. We're now helping our clients do this from their homes during the pandemic with our expert coaching and results based programs!


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Here Are Just A Couple Of Our Client Transformation Results

Here's How Zoom Online Coaching Works

During this lockdown our in person coaching services are suspended but that doesn't mean that your results are too!

Through our 6 week KickStart Program or our Complete Home Transformation Program, our goal is to help you achieve the very best results and to arm you with tools and skills that will help you stay in shape for life.

We're bringing our high level fitness results to your home!

Weekly Coaching Sessions

We'll design your exercise programs around bodyweight, home exercise equipment or home gyms so you can lose body fat faster, build robust fitness and finally find some 'me' time. 

Your Nutritional Plan

You're going to learn everything you need to know about nutrition for fat loss and how getting into amazing shape means ditching the fad diets for good. 

Accountability and Success

Alongside your coaching sessions, you'll also have a weekly 'check in' via email so that you're accountable to your goals and are making progress each week!