Having A Tipple Without Blowing Your Diet

When it comes to dieting to lose fat, we often presume that the only way that you’re able to lose weight is through eating only meat, fish and vegetables having to forgo tasty treats, carbs and booze.

And talking about it,

As a nation we love a drink,

That’s a fact.

Especially as we’re ranked as one of the biggest consumers of alcohol in the world,

Our only saving grave being beaten pretty heavily mainly by Soviet Countries where Vodka is considered a food group :0

So it’s rather unsurprising that when we DO want to get into shape, we think that alcohol is strictly OFF the menu and will have negative consequences when it comes not only to your health but your waist line too.

So before i talk about how i can make it easier for you to include alcohol in your life and still transform your body let’s first look at exactly what alchol does in relation to fat loss.

Alcohol, The Metabolic Equivalent Of A Drunk At A Party

(that you want to get rid of)

Alcohol isn’t something that your body wants to stick around in the bloodstream for very long.

Mainly because alcohol can have a toxic effect on the body.

But how alcohol blunts fat loss (lipolysis) is very much in the same way that excess calories from carbs and fats would in the respect that it would.

You see your body wants to deal with alcohol first before anything else and pretty much puts losing body fat to the back burner so to speak.

Because of this the presence of alcohol in the blood stream would down regulate your body’s ability to metabolise any other food types whilst it deals with the metabolism of alcohol. This is because your body simply has no use for alcohol and views it as a toxin, meaning as such everything else must go on hold whilst the body rids itself of the alcohol.

And remember as a general rule, your liver can only process 1 unit of alcohol per hour!


If there just so happens to be a pizza or kebab and chips consumed (or any food for that matter), the likely hood of those calories being stored as body fat is pretty freaking high.

Not to mention the calories from  alcohol itself which  provides 7 calories per gram consumed.

So on a typical night out  it’s very easy to rack up 1000’s of calories from booze and the food that goes with it without even thinking about it.

That’s the bad news.

But here is the good news.

We CAN include alcohol in your diet and still lose fat if we’re smart about it and are calorie aware.

That boring but crucial word, moderation, is the key here.

Below is a little list i’ve put together for you to give you an idea of what’s in your pint, glass, flute or tumbler…

  • Mudslide = 620 kcal
  • Long Island Ice Tea = 292 kcal
  • Pina Colada = 290 kcal
  • Strawberry Dacquiri = 240 kcal
  • Mojito =  217 kcal
  • Cosmopolitan = 213 kcal
  • Pint Of Guinness = 210 kcal
  • Pint Of Cider = 204 kcal
  • Pint of Lager / Beer = 187 kcal
  • Rum and Coke = 160 kcal
  • Margarita =  153 kcal
  • Kir Royale = 153 kcal
  • JD and Coke = 135 kcal
  • 175ml Rosé Wine = 124 kcal
  • Gin and Slimline Tonic = 120 kcal
  • Single Vodka and Coke = 120 kcal
  • 175ml Glass Of Red Wine = 119 kcal
  • 175ml Glass Of White Wine = 116 kcal
  • Light Beer (Bud Light) = 110kcal
  • Glass of Champagne = 89 kcal
  • Single Vodka, Lime and Soda = 76 kcal
  • Single Whiskey =  76 kcal

620 calories, anyone?

So yes,

Back to calories.

Golden rule: Remember that if your calorie intake exceeds expenditure, you will gain fat.

If it is lower (and you’ve hit the right amounts of proteins, fats and carbs) you won’t.

You cannot store what isn’t there.

Working alcohol into your diet.

Cocktails aside, most of your calories from alcohol are going to come in the form of sugars.

But also remembering that fat from our diet is the easiest macro nutrient for us to increase our current body fat with as the storage of free fatty acids is a pretty simple one, unlike converting carbs or proteins into fats.

So if you don’t work from a calorie plan, on the day that you’re going to have a few drinks you could simply reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake to accommodate for a couple of glasses of wine or a few beers and almost exclusively eat lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You’re going to have very little to ‘store’ as such.


Say you’re following a 2000kcal which puts you into a caloric deficit that you’ve been successful in losing weight on but say you have a Birthday, a Wedding, Christening, Bar Mitzvah coming up that you don’t want to blow all your hard work on but still enjoy and not feel like you’re missing out, do this;

After taking into consideration protein intake, let’s say that you manipulate 400kcal from your diet that you’re going to ‘spend’ on alcohol in the evening.

You could work the following into your plan;

1 Cocktail and a spirit


2 Pints of lager / beer / cider / guinness


3 175ml glasses of red / white / rosé wine


3-4 light beers (Bud Light)


4 Spirits and Slimline Soda’s  or 4 flutes of champagne

Now obviously, i’m not going to recommend that you do this everyday of the week but if you did it once per week it wouldn’t make too much difference to your overall results.

Moderate consumption of alcohol has been shown to have positive effects on cognition, mood, cardiovascular health and longevity whereas binge drinking has been shown to have none 😉

(although we all do it from time to time)

So the long and short of it is that you don’t have to go T- Total and hate life because of all the things you’ve given up to get into shape, which often leads to a poorer relationship with alcohol and food, you just have to not go overboard and a little more cognizant of your intake.

Just Like These Clients Did….


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