The ‘Magic’ Of Diets Revealed

Let me tell you something about diets that you need to know…

Every single ‘diet’ on the planet works because of one thing and one thing only.

It doesn’t matter that companies create buzz words and target specific foods and label them as ‘bad’ just so that their diet actually works because the reason why their ‘diet’ works isn’t because of the thing that you had to restrict in order to stick to it.

It doesn’t work because you’ve gone gluten free, low fat, started a detox or because you’ve fasted for 16 hours.

It works because of something a little more simple than that.

So before you start any of these diets;

Ketogenic ones
Juicing ones
Weight Watchers ones
Herbalife ones
Cabbage Soup ones
Intermittant Fasting ones
Paleo ones
Zone ones
Blood Type ones
Celebrity ones
Microbiotic ones

Know that the magic of why they work is because at the very heart of the diet is a good old calorie deficit.


That’s right.

And sure, some of these diets have merit and others are downright ridiculous but the laws of thermodynamics still hold true and in fact are probably the one thing you need to concentrate on the most.

After all,

In the early days of starting your diet

Calories In vs Calories Out Are King

And just to put you in the picture of what science says,

Here’s the position statement of International Society Of Sports on diets and body composition (i.e. fat loss)

Which after reviewing all the present data concludes that the two biggest factors in body shape change are;

A) Creating and sustaining a calorie deficit (no matter whether you’ve gone low carb or low fat)


B) Keeping protein intake high enough to sustain and support lean body mass (i.e. muscle tissue)

So the next time you’re tempted to follow a quick fix, fad diet or the latest weight loss product to hit the market, just remember that the right way to keep the results you want is to better understand nutrition and exercise and not jump on a four week, 500 calories per day crappy program.

Without a sustainable and maintainable calorie deficit, no amount of B.S. ‘wizardry’ is going to help you achieve the body shape, health and fitness you truly want.

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