The 3 Main Components Of Achieving A Transformation

Fat loss is a complicated old topic.

Everywhere you look there is the latest diet that you must try

or the ‘most effective’ gym program that burns fat more more than any other.

This alone can take you in various directions, with many twists and turns

but often AWAY from what you should really be doing if you want to lose fat.

So today i want to share with you 3 things that above absolutely anything else you should be concentrating in order to lose fat.

Call them the three things that you must call upon everytime to make a complex and confusing process a much simpler and manageable one.

1. Eat less calories

  • Anywhere between 9 and 14 calories per lb of body weight.
  • Set protein high (1-2g per kilogram depending on training status and volume of exercise per week)
  • Time carbs and fats to suit what works for you with the remaining calories

2. Train 4 times per week at least for 45-60 mins

Focus on;

  • Building muscle
  • Varying your exercises
  • Changing your reps
  • Alternate exercise pairings
  • Mix up workout styles over time
  • Throw in cardio at the end of your workout or on separate workout days

3. Don’t just rely on the gym.

Non exercise active thermogenesis (NEAT) counts A LOT towards fat loss, in fact it counts much more than just your gym activity alone.

Staying active during the day even if you’ve been to the gym is a huge part of losing body fat.

Grab a pedometer and shoot for 10,000 steps per day as a general guide for ramping up NEAT alongside your gym efforts.

4. Bonus one as a gift.

Stay consistent and give it time.

Too many people fall way short of every achieving any real change to their body just because they lack consistency and then any real time following a plan that could have worked for them.

The average human body has 30 BILLION fat cells ( yeah, seriously ) so don’t rush the process, celebrate even the smallest of progress and watch as things start to change and RESULTS start to happen

Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason