Sorabh’s Transformation

Here at CMP, our aim isn’t to deliver just personal training sessions or to just talk about nutrition and exercise. No our sole aim is to help you get RESULTS.

and so i’m going to share with you another success story,

Family man, successful career and now the weight loss results that he’d hoped for and can maintain!

Over to Sorabh


Why did you choose to work with us?

I decided to join CMP for various reasons really;
•Private gym facility with excellent equipment, no waiting, be able to work with free weights and equipment with right technique under expert guidance.
•Experienced personal trainer with realistic approach and immense knowledge enough to answer all my queries.
•Flexibility of training hours, after work/late evenings.
•A training regime with realistic goals and regular check-ins to keep on track

After following Chris for many years, i wanted to see for myself if he could help me get the results i wanted.

What have you achieved?

I’ve lost a lot of my belly! around 10% body fat loss in our first 12 weeks.

This is the fastest body fat loss I have achieved. Moreover, I have achieved it in a more realistic and sustainable way, in a way which I can see myself carrying on as a successful life style change and not a short term fix to achieve results.



What have your results with CMP meant for you?

The results mean a lot.

I joined CMP to achieve a lean muscular body, something I have dreamt of for almost a decade and which I have not been able to achieve it due to lack of proper training and guidance and to be able to achieve results in such short period of time feels great and motivates me to achieve more over coming months.

I can now see myself achieving my target in a more practical way and be able to maintain it with right approach and guidance as i continue working with Chris.

Why would you recommend CMP?

I would definitely recommend CMP for various reasons.

Firstly, the private gym facility is amazing where I can learn how to use right techniques on free weights and on equipment which I can then apply in the commercial gyms for my benefit.

And secondly, Chris is an experienced trainer with wealth of knowledge.

His ‘real life’ approach towards training and achieving goals suits me and is more realistic and maintainable.  I have tried various ways to change my body in the past, some of which were quick fixes, and i was always left wanting more. Now, i know what i need to do without having to compromise time with my family and see the results that i want.


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* DISCLAIMER – the results that you will achieve will depend on your current health, fitness and starting point. Hey, just being honest 😉

Chris Mason