So what do carbs actually do?

Carbohydrates over recent years have taken somewhat of a bashing,

Once upon a time, they were the life and soul of the party
but now carbohydrates aren’t even likely to be sent an invite

Partly some of this is due to confusion

Especially surrounding the issue of whether carbs make you gain
fat which has gained particular attention of celebrities and the

and part of this is down to not understanding what carbs actually
do when we eat them.

So are carbs good or are carbs bad?

and what do they actually do?

Well let me enlighten you a little my friend.


There are actually THREE types of carbohydrates;





Simple Sugars

Short chain carbs

and long chain carbohydrates.


Believe it or not, each carbohydrate source EVENTUALLY ends up as glucose
in the blood stream no matter whether it came from a grain of rice or a cane
of sugar (that doesn’t mean all carbs are equal though)

And it is when those carbohydrates are available that the magic happens and we
start to see why keeping carbs in the diet, whether you’re looking to lose fat or not,
is very important;

Glucose helps power our brain and central nervous system as glucose is the
preferred fuel source that needs to be provided daily

Our bodies create it’s energy currency Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) largely from
carbohydrates which is essential for the daily requirement of energy for our organs and body tissues through movement
and exercise

and we even store carbohydrates in muscle and liver tissues in the form of glycogen ready
to be used when needed

<<< though unlike fat stores, these carbohydrate stores may need topping up DAILY.

So the carbs that we eat DO actually play and important role in the body even though technically we could
*survive* without them but couldn’t without fats or proteins.

In terms of energy, each gram of carbohydrates provide us with 4kcal of fuel and that fuel can be FAST
or SLOW depending on whether we’re eating fast acting sugars such as sweets or slow releasing carbohydrates
such as sweet potato

and devil in the detail when it comes to carbs is to actually know how much YOU need.

Not whether you should go completely without carbs.

For example,

if you have a sedentary job and little activity during the day but then spend the evening
sitting on the sofa watching Coronation Street your body won’t need a lot of carbohydrates

But lets say that you have an active job and then hit the gym hard in the type of fat loss workouts
that our clients go through with us here at our private gym, then you are going to need to eat more
carbs to be replenish and recover from your day’s energy demands.

This is how some client transformations i’ve shown you have ended up eating more food and more carbs
but still lost body fat and achieve dramatic body transformation results. Like these —>>>



So carbohydrates do some pretty important stuff in the body if and you may even need MORE depending
on what you’re actually doing each day.

This is where carbohydrate and calorie cycling can be effective to make sure you have great workouts
but also recover well and lose fat.

=== But Cavemen Didn’t Eat Carbs ===

Are you sure?

Because i will tell you something,

If cavemen didn’t eat carbs it wasn’t because they we’re worried that they were going to get fat from eating them,
it would have been because food would have been scarce and there wasn’t a local Waitrose, Tesco
or Marks and Spencer down the road.

And given that carbs help fuel the brain and the body, the smart money would be that cavemen would have
eaten carbohydrates given the choice.

I mean, it’s kinda hard to run from a Tyrannosaurus Rex when you have little stored energy.

and though carbohydrates can be made from other nutrients such as fat and proteins through the
pathway of gluconeogenesis, our bodies would prefer the easier route of getting them directly
from source.

So as you can see, there is no need to completely cut out carbohydrates from your diet, though you need
to modify your carbohydrate intake based on your activity levels, body shape, daily energy demands and
levels of muscle mass.

And eating the bulk of these carbohydrates in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes and rice
would be a good idea for providing your body what it needs should that T- Rex come a knocking.

Speak Soon,


P.S. yes we do take control our your diet when you work with us, and actually we tell you EVERYTHING you need
to be eating including how many carbs you need and when to eat them for the best chance of achieving the body
transformation results you want.

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