Should You Really Be Eating More Fat?

I’m not sure if you keep up to date with the nutritional world but you may have seen a report coming out to say that we should be eating MORE fats in our diet

More things like;

  • nuts and seeds
  • butter
  • coconut and coconut oils
  • avocadoes
  • olives and olive oils
  • other plant based oils

and that calories are largely unimportant when it comes
to health and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,
heart disease and so on.

Literally saying that a low carbohydrate / high fat diet is
the way to go for more robust health and i should imagine
less body fat too.

So if you weren’t confused before about nutrition then i am
pretty sure that right now you’ll be scratching your head, wondering
how to work this one out.

You can’t do right for doing wrong

and it’s becoming more possible to become a fully qualified astro
physicist than it is to work out what the heck you need to eat.

Ha ha.

So what do i think?

Well, let me give you the skinny on this whole fat mess.

First and foremost, i do agree that we shouldn’t be villifying
fat in the way that we have.

Fat is a VERY important macro nutrient and brings a lot of
positives to the table.

and i don’t think that low fat foods will keep you lean just because
they’re low fat.

Healthy amounts of fats from saturated, mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated
seem to be best practice when it comes to health.

So yer, butter, animal fats, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, avocados and fish are
all IN.

and trans and hydrogenated fats should be out (cakes, buns, ready meals etc)

So good so far.

And i DO think that most people need to cut down on the amount of sugars and
processed carbs and overall carbs they’re eating, especially when their energy
output doesn’t require it


and hereth lies the problem.

If people start eating MORE fats in their diet without eating less overall,
they will still gain fat and not lose weight

perhaps more so than the good old carbohydrate.


It comes down to this.

Too many fats in the blood stream than needed = more fats available to be stored as fats

Too many carbs in the blood stream than needed = increased carbohydrate burning first BEFORE
any storage or conversion to fat takes place.

(both conditions would blunt fat loss FYI)

In fact,

The process is storing carbohydrates as fat is much more difficult than storing
fats as fats (the process is called de novo lipogensis for the boffins out there)

So if we eat more fats without addressing calorie intake and literally just tell
people to eat higher fats in their diet without changing anything else to compensate,
then we will still have the same level
of poor health and obesity related disease.

because it’s not as simple as labelling foods ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

There are people who are lean AF eating more carbs than fats in their diets

and there are others who are lean AF avoiding carbs and eating more fats in their

Hell, there are even some genetic freaks who can eat whatever they want and still
be lean AF (sadly that’s not me 🙁 )

and in there lies the clue.

One persons trash is another persons treasure.

and we can’t simply adopt a this is good and this is bad argument when it comes
to food.

Especially (and this is the clincher) when research has shown that in groups
that follow low carb or groups that follow low fat, that both will lose weight

So before you run off to drink your bulletproof coffee and slam a tonne of eggs with butter with a stack
load of cheese.

Do consider that both fats and carbs are healthy and important in the diet, the trick
is to workout how much of each YOU need.

Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason