From a size 20+ plus to a size 10

Let’s be totally clear here,

The result that i am about to share with you would never happen over a short period of time,

You’re talking a journey of years and much struggle, change but ultimately success.

Because that is the thing,

and i completely understand it

So many people are trying to achieve results over 4, 8 and 12 weeks that are really going to take MUCH longer than that.

Especially if you struggle to stick to a diet (which is why finding the best one for you is key)

Especially if you’re new or starting back at the gym after a long lay off

and especially if you’ve got a life, busy job and kiddies to think about.

So i implore you to take your time and give yourself the best chance of the results that you want,

Because that’s what Rachel did.

After years of quick fix diets, liquid diets and generally just struggle on from one weight loss product to another, only

to eventually regain some of the weight back,

She knew it was time to get things right.

And after seeing me transform her Husband, David, we started working together.

The photo on the left is the start of Rachel’s journey a couple of years before she worked with me and the photo on the right is when you hit a SIZE 10 after working with me.


Absolutely phenomenal, hey?

Lots of weight and body fat LOST

With confidence, happiness and good habits GAINED

So no matter what position you find yourself in looking to change your body, just know that it can be done and WILL be done with the right guidance, support and enough time.

Time to get the results and body you deserve??

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Chris Mason