Six Ways To Improve Your Cardio For Better Results

When it comes to losing fat, weight, dropping dress sizes and toning up or creating a physique to be proud of, it's not completely unheard of for you to think that hopping on the treadmill for half an hour or doing a weekly spin session on the bike is going to be the best way to burn fat.

And rightfully so.

Naturally you're gonna think that cardiovascular training burns more calories.

Why wouldn't you?

Everyone says to do cardio if you wanna lose blubber.

But for me?

Cardio comes with some rules.Well if you want head turning results and not to be bored out of your mind at the gym that is.

So let me share with you some hard and fast rules to make the most of cardio in your program for results.

1. Do cardio AFTER your weight training program never before.

Trying to push weights hard after you've just depleted your bodies glycogen stores and energy systems is not a good way to constantly hit personal bests and more weights in the gym

More weight and progressive overload over time? = RESULTS.

And so you'd be better off performing your cardio after your strength training.

2. Avoid that one guy that puts you off

Pick a cardio machine that preferably, Dave who happens to train at the same time you do each night, hasn't sweated the contents of his body on.

Ok this one is for fun, but seriously?

Avoid the dudes that are going to put you off your cardio (No one likes to share their bodies with someone else sweat)

3. Go hard for short bursts and the REST until you can do it again.

People are doing intervals incorrectly these days and wondering why they aren't getting results.

Don't follow the misinformed 60s on 10s rest stuff you see in gyms.

That's NOT true interval training FYI and is more like 10's HARD followed by 60s recovery.

4. Build cardio volume over time

but don't think that doing more cardio = burning more fat.(especially as your body finds more 'efficient' ways of performing the exercise)

Building a leaner and more toned body should always be your focus, NOT how many calories you burned on the cross trainer and if you're constantly turning up to the gym to do 30 minutes on the cross trainer without ever mixing it up or changing it, you're more than likely not getting the most from your cardio routines to become fitter and leaner.

We want to challenge the body with regular changes in number of intervals, interval lengths, distances, speeds etc.

5. You can't replace your cardio routine with Zumba or Legs, Bums and Tums.


6. Combine BOTH intervals and steady state together.

Working through ALL the bodies energy systems is one way to guarantee better anerobic and aerobic capacity.Aka... fitness.

Which is important because these are the changes that start to happen in your body;-

Improved Cardiovascular System

- Better Capillary and Blood Vessel Network

- Increased Lung Capacity

- Improved Resting Heart Rate

- Better Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output

- Improved Carbohydrate Metabolism

- Increased Number Of Mitochondria (where we burn fat)

- Better Control Of Stress Hormones

And....If we can combine these improvements with more lean muscle from weight training, you're going to start winning when it comes to changing your body.

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Yours in Health,


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