A Simple Program If You’re New To Lifting Weights

Step into most commercial gyms across the UK and you’ll see a similar theme;

Men are in the weights area mostly

and Women are in the cardio sections or classes mostly.

Now, after delivering well over 10,000 personal training sessions in my career so far i can tell something that you already know.

Most Women and some Men too avoid lifting weights because

A) You’re not sure how to lift safely and correctly.

B) You don’t always feel welcome in a male dominated area.


C) You’re not sure of the benefits of weight training in relation to their ultimate goal; which is usually to lose weight and tone up. 30 minutes on a treadmill always seems to be ‘the way’ you’re advised to get into shape at the gym.

When you look on the internet, everything can seem quite confusing or not applicable to where you’re starting from when it comes to exercise and you’re just not sure where to start.


So let me help you a little,

Especially as a lot of the clients that walk through the doors here at CMP are complete beginners to weight training.

Enter the Primer Workout

The primer workout covers all bases in a superset format and the goal here is to cover the basic movements and muscle groups in a balanced approach to exercise whilst you develop better neuromuscular coordination and better mind to muscle connection (basically, lifting weights in a more controlled and confident way).

Where possible we’re also going to superset muscle groups that work together;

Chest and Back exercises are paired.

Shoulders and Back exercises are paired.

Bicep and Tricep exercises are paired.

Quads and Hamstrings exercises are paired.

Essentially, you will have left the gym having exercised your body in a balanced and correct way to build a foundation from which your transformation results will grow!

Take a look at the sample program from my primer workout below and feel free to use in your session today*

Log the amount of weight you lift each session and try to improve week on week!

This is a great starting program for anyone who is new to weights and also not ready for more advanced programs / split training sessions.

Wholebody Weights 1 – (Demo Videos Shown At The Bottom)

Exercise Sets Rest Session 1 Session 2 Session 3  Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
A1. Incline DB Chest Press 3x 60s                
A2. Lean Forward Seated Rows 3x                  
B1. Underhand Pulldowns 3x 60s                
B2. Shoulder Press 3x                  
C1. Incline Bicep Curls 3x 60s                
C2. Rope Tricep Pushdowns 3x                  
D1. Seated Leg Curls 3x 60s                
D2. Leg Press                    
E1. Ball Crunches 3x 45s                

How Many Times Per Week?

Completely depends on you, your schedule, commitment levels and type of results you’re looking for but as a base here are a few suggestions;

Training Three Times Per Week

Mon – Wholebody Weights 1

Wed – Wholebody Weights 1

Friday – Wholebody Weights 1

Training Four Times Per Week

Monday – Wholebody Weights 1

Tuesday – Wholebody Weights 2

Thursday – Wholebody Weights 1

Saturday – Wholebody Weights 2

You could even create another wholebody weights program alongside and switch up the exercises between session one and two so that you’re challenging your body further.

Making It More Challenging

As you’re getting leaner, more toned and more confident with weights you could even start adjusting your rep ranges to challenge your body further and add another wholebody weights program into the mix like below;

Monday – Wholebody Weights 1 – Heavy

Wednesday – Wholebody Weights 2 – Moderate

Friday – Wholebody Weights 3 – Light

Sunday – Wholebody Weights 1 – Heavy

Tuesday – Wholebody Weights 2 – Moderate

Thursday – Wholebody Weights 3  – Light

I’ve spoke about this style of programming in the past on this article which you may find useful;

Undulating Periodisation For Results

And just remember to design your meal plan around an easy way of getting into shape for life;

How Many Calories Should I Be Eating To Lose Weight?

Don’t forget even impressive transformations have to start somewhere!

Speak Soon,


*DISCLAIMER: as ever, remember to consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any exercise program

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