What you REALLY need to know about six packs and low body fat

Now, before we start this article i want you to know that i’m NOT hating
on you if you want six pack abs and want to walk around at 5% body fat year

That shit is HARD and so much of your life has to go on hold for the constant
dieting and constant exercise

Which requires the mental strength of a Tibetan Monk to resist caving into food cravings and a completely
different breed of person to keep going when you’re physically exhausted in all fairness

No one who ever gets lean enough to see their abs will tell you it’s easy.

but what i am saying is that it is time for the truth.

Especially for you

the general public.

You see,

Every magazine you pick up with fitness model on the front cover

Every advert you see where the dude is ripped to shreds whilst
women swoon over him and his can of coca cola

Every instagram trainer that you follow

Heck, even the celebrities that you admire

Usually trained for it as a ‘ONE OFF’ goal and nine times out of ten
don’t like like that year round.


Crazy huh?

Yes, and what is even crazier is that YOU compare your body to those
that have achieved this goal.

And so you somehow feel inadequate and that you’re not doing as well as
you should be.

Beating yourself up because you don’t look that way despite your best efforts.

Well, let me tell you a few truths.

For ‘MOST’ general public clients, you’re never going to look like your idols
and the reason why is much simpler and less offensive than you think

You see…

Typically, when you see someone who has competed in a physique show, had a photo
shoot and looked awesome for a 10 second shot with their tops off in a film,
they have trained and dieted purposely to get to that point and it has been hard work.

<<<< Read that one again


To give you an idea of what i mean, let’s take a look at a typical 12 week ‘prep’
for someone in a position to undertake such a task of getting lean enough to see their pancreas
create insulin

First and foremost their calorie intake would be starting high enough so that they can
strategically lower food intake each week.

As in they might have spent weeks to months purposefully building up calories as high as
possible without getting too out of shape in order to build muscle and have a great starting
point from which they’re going to lose fat

For some this might mean starting their prep at 4000 calories or higher and ending
up at around 1500kcal – 2000kcal or lower whilst incrementally increasing their exercise
over the 12 week period

and exercise, just as we’ve said, MUST increase alongside the dietary changes too in order
for the person to continue to lose body fat and end up really lean and on point for their

So this may mean that from week one they start with five weight training sessions and 2 cardio
sessions but end up finishing on seven weight training sessions and 7 or more cardio sessions taking
their training volume up as high as fourteen sessions per week which would equate to twice a day training.

(this is just an example, some may train more and some may train less but you get the gist)

So to recap,

They’re often starting with calories high —–>>>> ending low(er)

They’re training lower ——>>>> ending high(er)

Pretty simple really.

They’re increasing energy expenditure whilst decreasing energy intake which sounds bearable
enough on paper but is VERY difficult to stick to in real life.


Especially when almost everyone around you is doing the opposite of what you have to do
to get into photoshoot shape.

(and i’m not going to get into reverse dieting, binge eating, hormones and how you respond when
you’re doing all of that and still not losing weight)

So let’s come back to you.

First and foremost could you even fit in 14 training sessions in a week when getting to the gym
three times per week is already a struggle???

and if you’re not already in good eating habits or even potentially under eating then how low can
you even drop your calories and still work, look after the kids and even function as a human being??

Both of these questions are asked without even taking into consideration how you’d fair with low energy,
moods like a hungry bear and motivation to exercise at an all time low as you go into your tenth session
of the week knowing that there will be four more before it all starts over again.

And this is what i mean when i say that six packs and low body fat are generally not for the general

Because it can’t fit into your life and it can’t be sustained.

and do you know what??


You’re not a bad person if you don’t have abs,

You’re not a bad person if you can’t do 14 training sessions in a week,

and you’re not a bad person if you’re at the start of your journey and just
want to lose weight and tone up.

Doing a prep style training plan ISN’T for everyone and it shouldn’t be.

So you shouldn’t compare yourself to fitness models, celebrities or anyone else
that has got to that shape and had put their life on hold to do so.

Instead you should be looking to create the best version of YOU whatever that might

Little by little aim to build on eating better, exercising more frequently
and with more effort and aim to build 100% sustainable results that fit
your life.


that’s what you really want, right?

And now you know what REALLY goes into getting really lean for a magazine cover, you can
breathe a sigh of relief that you don’t have judge yourself so harshly anymore because
you don’t look that way even though you eat well and go to the gym.


Eat well

and enjoy your slower but more sustainable results.

Yours in Health,


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Chris Mason