A Quick And Easy (?) Leg Program For You To Try

Today i’m in a giving mood.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep from the baby
or coffee getting me through the day but today i am
going to share with you a quick and easy program to
tone up your legs.


I say easy.

<<< which is a bit of a lie because it isn’t, not at all 😉

But here goes.

Remember to check with your health care professional before taking part in any exercise program

Exercise #1 – Leg Curls – 4sets of 8 reps

Here you’re going to start your session by firing the
hamstrings before we move onto your quad work. This helps
stabilise the knee before we hit some squats later.

Exercise #2 – Leg Press 4x 10 reps (narrow feet)

In this exercise you’re going move into a compound movement
and really fire those legs! I want you to work to near failure
and don’t be scared to increase your weights, the leg press
(especially if it is plate loaded like ours) is GREAT for
pushing safely


Exercise #3 – Hack Squat Machine 1.5’s 3×10 

Ok, now you’re going to hate me.

I learnt this little trick from pro bodybuilder, John Meadows.

I want you to squat down fully, come back up half way, go back
down to the bottom of the squat again and then drive up fully.

You quads, hamstrings and glutes are going to BURN.

Especially after what we just did on the leg press.

This video will show you the hack squat but don’t forget the 1.5’s!

Exercise #4.0 – Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 3x 10

Ok, now you’re going to raise your front foot on a plate or
a box and find a weight that reaches near failure for 10 reps.

Superset with

Exercise #4.1 – Leg Extensions 3x 10 reps (2 second hold at the top)

If you didn’t hate me after those 1.5 squats, now you’ll hate me.

Superset those split squats with leg extensions for 10 reps. If you’re
not pulling faces you’re not pushing hard enough 🙂

Feel free to finish this sessions off with some abs, calves or cardio.

Or just go home and lie in a dark room.

A dark, dark room.

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Chris Mason