How Would You Like To Become The 'Go To' Personal Trainer In Your Area Who NEVER Struggles For Clients or Results?

Results like these......

Because, right now, there has NEVER been a better time to be a personal trainer who is awesome at what they do.

But the sad fact is that most personal trainers and fitness business owners WOULDN'T agree with my statement,


You're earning way less than you'd like to, 

You don't have a consistent or predictable number of inquiries coming in each week which means you're constantly panicking about money and daren't have time off 

and when you are working with clients, you don't really know how to create training programs and diet plans that produce body transformation results.

So both you and your clients end up frustrated and disappointed with both of you blaming each other for a lack of results and the client leaves.

There are so many things that you're not happy with right now but i can tell you that your problems are easily solved

Because the top three problems the personal trainers who attended my private mastermind we're;

1. They didn't get good enough results with their clients and we're sure how to improve.

2. They weren't getting enough leads or new clients each month to replace the ones leaving.

3.  They weren't happy as a personal trainer anymore because of 1 & 2.

So if these are the top three problems you really have in your personal training business i can tell you this for certain,

Almost ALL of these problems will go away when your clients start to see body transformation level results that you can achieve from learning how to build systems and programs for PREDICTABLE success with any type of client.

Which Is What I Teach Personal Trainers and Fitness Business Owners To Do In My One Day Mastermind

Learn How To Become A Transformation Coach In My One Day Personal Trainer Mastermind At My Private Gym In Sheffield. Enquire Here --->>>

Here's How I Can Become A Better Coach With More Success

  • I can help you understand the psychological cycle that your clients will go through trying to change behaviors and habits so that you can turn the hardest to reach client into an amazing transformation
  • I'll share with you my EXACT 12 week transformation blueprint for amazing fat loss results with general population clients. Once you understand how your training phases and nutrition needs to run in sync with each other, results will start to flow. HINT; Most Personal Trainers Are Getting This Wrong
  • You'll learn the accountability systems that YOU can use with your clients so that they're happy and achieving awesome results and you're not having to constantly replace clients who leave.
  • We'll systemise and structure your services and whole consultation process so that 'selling' and 'converting new leads' becomes easier and more PREDICTABLE
  • I'll share with you MY Marketing and Advertising campaigns that keep my private gym of personal trainers busy and full year round.
  • Simply put, you'll learn the skills needed to stand out from the crowd in a saturated industry of personal trainers

You Will Spend The Full Day With Leading UK Fitness Business Owner, Chris Mason

Learn How To Become A Transformation Coach In My One Day Personal Trainer Mastermind At My Private Gym In Sheffield. Enquire Here --->>>

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Truth Is *Every* Personal Trainer Has The Opportunity To Become Successful

And i know this to be true because i made that journey myself 

Unlike most business gurus, mentors or personal trainer educators i've actually walked the long road from struggling commercial gym personal trainer to private gym owner to employer of my own personal training team to personal trainer mentor.

I've spent over £100k of my own money on marketing and advertising to grow my businesses and i've spent another 70k+ on my own education to this point which has lead to me to be in a position to be able to help you.

What i am about to teach you is the success of 12 years of grind, sleepless nights and lots of trial and error so that you can fasttrack your personal training career and results to where it will need to be in order for you to thrive.

The mastermind day is me giving you the secrets and systems behind my commercial success.

I don't know anyone in my position that is willing to help personal trainers in this way.

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What You'll Learn During Your Own Private Mastermind Day 

9am - 10am -Delving Deep Into Your ‘Avatar’, Business Model and How To Refine Your Services To Reach The Right Audience

10am –11am -  Understanding Your Client’s Motives and ‘Why’ – How To Go From Average Results To Exceptional Results and Keep A Diary Full Of Happy Customers (Adherence Strategies)

11am – 12noon - Resistance Profiles Of The Exercises You’re Going To Use With Your Clients – What To Look For And How To Optimise

12noon - 12.30 - Lunch Break

12.30 - 2pm -  Fat Loss Metabolism and Nutritional Strategies For Results

2pm - 3pm – Periodisation / Organisation of Training Systems For Transformation Results

3pm - 4pm – YOUR Results Based Personal Training Session with Me personally. 

4pm – 5pm – New Client / Lead Gen Strategies – Q and A on Business / Marketing / Personal Training / Systems / Anything You Want To Know or Ask

FINISH – Go Home, Recover and Level Up Your Personal Training Skills, Client Base and Career.

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Learn How To Achieve Results With ANY Type Of Client

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