A Photoshoot Is The Ultimate Way To Capture Your Fitness Transformation!

*Dad of two, Jay built muscle and dropped body whilst KEEPING muscle to show this result!

*Mum of one, Julie, completed her first ever photoshoot and revealed a body she didn't know she had

*Vegetarian Andy didn't think results like these would be possible for him. Here's his transformation!

* Lance Dropped 38lbs in 16 weeks to complete his first ever photoshoot!

* Becky achieved this amazing results whilst waiting for hip replacement surgery!

* Jimmy lost 32lbs and revealed a physique he didn't think possible!

You've been training for years,

You've followed the diet regimens of the stars and the hardest programs set by bodybuilders and cover models,

Yet somehow you're still NOT where you want to be 

and feel like you're best is yet to come.

You've got close to your DREAM body 

But for one reason or another, what you were following at the time didn't reveal your six pack abs

Didn't show the effort you'd put into the program 

and kinda left you deflated

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Months Of Hard Work Paying Off In Your Very Own Photoshoot!

The Top 3 Frustrations That People Have About Losing Fat and Aiming To Get Lean

1. You feel like you're losing muscle and not fat, which makes you feel like your physique is worsening

2. You've lost fat but still have that little pouch of fat on your stomach and still have fat spilling over at your hips

3. You still feel like you don't look the the way that you'd hope after years of training!

These three reasons are why at CMPGyms, our worldclass personal training facilities are private and appointment only and we personalise every prep plan to maximise the results that you will achieve

So that you capture YOUR best shots that you keep forever.

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Personal Training in The Heart Of Sheffield, Located at Cemetery Road - Just Behind Eccelsall Road - Appointment Only and Private Personal Training Gym

The Truth Is That All Of Us Have A Version Of Us That We'd *Like* To Be

You want to be couple of clothes sizes smaller and feel great in the clothes you wear

You'd love to be able to go swimming or on the beach with your top off or in a bikini without feeling conscious about your body.

You'd love to be in more control with food and no longer treat it as a coping mechanism for when you're stressed or unhappy.

You want to feel fit enough to run after your kids or grand children, not getting out of breath constantly.

You'd love to look like the success you are in your professional life.

* Louis lost 30lbs in 16 weeks, changing his health and his fitness!

* Paul achieved spectacular results in just 12 weeks and a six pack at 40!

* Nicole dropped belly fat for good, swapping cardio for weights and interval training

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Our world class private gym caters for all types of clients and levels of fitness, no matter your starting position.

We specialize in fat loss, muscle building and body transformations! 

Our culture and environment is focused only on helping you achieve one thing; results.

It's your body, health and fitness. TRANSFORMED.

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At CMP, We Aren't Like Most Personal Trainers

And we don't offer personal training by the 'session'.

All of our personal training options are based around packages for results. 

Here's how we will work you

Proven System For Results

Our Transformation Programming is designed to help maximize your results and produce workouts that actually create changes in your body!

Your programs are created 12 weeks in advance so that you never stagnate and always make progress.

We'll remove the guess work and give you a specific program to follow so that you finally see the results you want.

Tailored Nutrition That Works

Nutrition for fat loss is much more specific than following a 'diet'. And what works now, won't work in four weeks time.

Combined with our Transformation Programming, your nutritional plans are tweaked and changed throughout your coaching to make sure you results are in sight.

Private & Premier Personal Training

Our Personal Training gyms are like no other!

Our business is results, not gym memberships and so you're afforded a world class, luxury gym that offers you the chance of getting the most from your personal training transformation sessions without ever wasting your valuable gym time, waiting for equipment or feeling uncomfortable.

Sheffield's Leading Private Personal Training Gym

Personal training studio Sheffield

*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.