The Number One Food That You Should Be Eating More Of

Hey, i’ve got to be honest with you and say that what i’m about to share with you is probably the single biggest dietary improvement that you can make, period.

Forget eating more healthy fats

Dropping carbs

Ketogenic diets.

The one thing i am about to share is your ticket to fat loss city.

And the reasons why you need more of this food are glaringly obvious to a nerd like me,

– It is required DAILY and cannot be stored for later use

– It makes up your DNA and Enzymes that break down food and make things happen

(yeah kind of a big deal)

– It strengthens and makes up a large percentage of your bones

– It creates those hormones that you keep blaming for not losing weight 😉

– It helps your body create antibodies that protect you against viruses and bugs

– It helps you build muscle tissue

– It helps you keep muscle tissue when dieting to lose fat

– It keeps you feeling fuller for longer and hunger hormones at bay

– It stabilises blood sugar

And finally it is ESSENTIAL for life.

So yes, this food is the MASTER when it comes to health, nutrition, mood, fat loss, muscle building, fighting disease….

Every function of your cells, organs and tissues are controlled by……PROTEINS.

And sure enough, one the most common deficiencies that i will see in your diet is that you don’t eat enough quality lean proteins in your diet.

Perhaps most crucially about protein is that, proteins HAVE to come from your diet.

Unlike carbs and fats we cannot make proteins out of thin air, it must come from food and be provided daily.

So here are some excellent protein sources that i would recommend that you start adding to your diet immediately;

– Whey Protein
– Chicken
– Turkey
– Cod
– Cottage Cheese
– Lean Cuts of Beef

For fat loss underrating protein is the cardinal sin and is also one of the reasons that simply eating less calories but not enough protein means that as you drop weight you’re losing a higher percentage of valuable muscle tissue and NOT the fat that you want rid of.
Yup, protein is the KING of body transformation food and it is likely that you need to eat more of it to be successful in achieving the results that you want.

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Chris Mason