My Top Tips For A Women’s Transformation

If there is one thing i know, it's that Women are capable of phenomenal fitness transformations and results!

Many a time i've been absolutely blown away by the Women we train.

Especially as when most of the time, the things that they're being asked to do, 100% flies in the face of what is normally expected from Women in the gym.

Truthfully, you're pigeonholed by the big commercial gyms and expected to only either attend classes, lift light weights in the 'ladies' section or worse yet, you're expected to just go on the treadmill or the cross trainer for your gym sessions. 

First Let's Address The Elephant In The Room..... Men

You might find it strange of me to open up an article around my best transformations tips for Women, to begin talking about Men.

But after 12 years of hearing the frustration and disappointment from Wifes and Girlfriends of Husbands and Partners who seem to lose weight but cutting out just a few treats where as the Woman is busting her ass in the gym and dieting hard but struggling, it's time for me to address the big fat elephant in the room

Men will almost always lose weight and body fat faster than Women solely because their physiology allows it.

The Key Differences Between Men and Women Are.....

  • Men have larger musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems
  • Men have a higher metabolism and greater lean body mass
  • Because of this, typically, Men are able to lift heavier weights in their gym sessions which produces greater metabolic and neural adaptations to training
  • Men typically have a higher calorie set point, needing more calories at rest than Women
  •  Men have higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone with less estrogen
  • Men have less alpha -2 adrenoreceptors which can increase fat storage, whereas Women have more

But that doesn't mean they're better than YOU.

Because they're not and your ability to achieve amazing results depends 100% on your mindset and your ability to stick to the plan.

Consistency doesn't care whether you're male or female.

So let's dive right into the article and discover my top tips for a female transformation!

1. End 'Year Round' Dieting

If it feels like you're always on a diet, it's probably because you are!

Well, of sorts.

I wouldn't be remiss of me to say that most of the time you feel like you're stuck in the cycle of dieting ----->>> losing a bit of weight ------>>>> fall off your diet or miss a week or two at the gym ------>>> feeling like you're starting again.

This goes on year in, year out without you ever feeling like you've made the progress that you wanted to.

Instead, and i'll give you an insight into the CMP Transformation program here, set a specific fat loss phase and see it through knowing it will come to an end.

I call this phase based coaching.

Setting a target ----->>> Creating a plan designed around achieving a particularly target in 12, 16, 20 weeks ---->>> Achieving the result you wanted ------>>> Slowly build calories back up as you 'END' the dieting phase ------>>> Complete as many times as desire until you reach your DREAM GOAL.

This is how, in short periods of time, we can help our clients achieve results like these.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Lift Weights!


I want to share a secret with you.

My gym has just TWO pieces of cardiovascular equipment. The rest are free weights, machines and racks. 

And for good reason.

Because, without doubt, weight training is the DRIVER behind body transformations and your ability to change your shape depends largely on just two things occurring;

1. Losing body fat


2. Building or retaining lean muscle tissue

and fear not ladies, for reasons as we pointed out above in the differences between Men and Women, you won't pack on slabs of muscle and begin to look bulky just because you start weight training.

If anything you'll notice that, because you're lifting weights, the parts of your of body that you struggled to tone up (like your arms, legs and abdomen) are now starting to take noticeable shape!

=== Why Should Weight Training Be A Huge Part Of Your Exercise Routine ===

When we lift weights, we breakdown our existing muscle fibres.

That's right, lifting weights actually breaks down muscle whilst we're exercising. This is important because this process starts signalling processes within the muscle cells to repair and even build existing muscle fibres or can potentially mean that the body creates new muscle cells. As we repeat this process, the body continues to adapt providing we're following a well thought out training program. 

As the body adapts and makes changes to meet the demands of your exercise, we start to see improvements in muscle tone, shape and strength.

If you combined regular weight training with a calorie deficit and a smart cardiovascular plan, you'd start to see the type of results that i've shown you of our clients here at CMP.

Want to know more about weight training and my top five tips to build lean muscle? Click the link to the article below

3. Prioritize Protein

An interesting fact about the human body is whilst we're able to store carbohydrates (in muscle and in the liver) and we can store fats (in subcutaneous and visceral fat) , we don't actually have any specialised cells in the body where we can store proteins.

So what that means is that we have to acquire enough protein from our diets DAILY

Why is protein so important?

Well protein, found in chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs etc breaks downs into something call an amino acids. 

Grouped into non essential and essential amino acids, we have to ensure that we're providing enough amino acids from the food that we're eating for a robust, healthy and potentially lean body. 

Amino acids are used for everything in the body from our DNA, building muscle, supporting the immune system and energy systems, formation of cells plus much, much more.

Not only that, as it relates to our goal of building a lean body, protein is actually the hardest food source for the body to breakdown through digestion. This helps in two ways;

1. It slows down digestive transit of food which essentially means that digestion and absorption of all other foodstuffs in the stomach is released into the blood stream at a slower rate. This means less peaks and troughs in blood sugar and energy.

2. It increases the thermic effect of food because it is the hardest food to break down. All this means is that we're actually burning more calories during digestion which makes a small contribution to the metabolism and amount of calories 'burned' in a day.

4. But Less Carbs and Fats

Remember the above where we found out that proteins don't have a storage system?

And that carbohydrates and fats do?

Yes, and that's an important distinction.

Because when calories are too high in the diet from carbohydrates and fats, the end result is that they are going to get stored.

Strictly that's not 100% accurate because, without wanting to bore you with the science, when carbohydrates are too high the body will first attempt to 'use' those excess glucose molecules floating around in the blood stream. Whilst this is happening, receptors on the fat cell, adrenoreceptors are activated and more than happy to add circulating fatty acids to existing fat stores, thus increasing the size of the fat cell and also potentially the number of fat cells.

When fats are too high in the diet the same thing happens, the body tries to utilise the fatty acids before ultimately storing any excess. 

In short, when we eat too many carbohydrates, fats and calories the end result is that you gain weight, your clothes get tighter, your problem areas get worse and you don't feel great about yourself.

5. Give Yourself Time, Like Really

Without doubt, the most frustrating thing about wanting to lose weight and body fat is not actually losing weight and body fat.

No doubt, it's demoralizing and makes steam come out of your ears!

Actually, not seeing results is 9/10 the reason why you quit. 

The human body can hold as many as 220 BILLION fat cells and each 1lb of fat you carry, you're storing a whopping 3600 calories.

So for example, let's says that you're a good 30lbs off your target weight.

Based purely on the math, that's a good 108,000 surplus calories.

If we consider that in an average gym session burns only 200-400kcal per session, again based on the math which doesn't always work out exact in real life, it's going to take a lot longer for you to reach your target weight than you think. And the initial weight loss you achieve will mostly be water.

You might think that i am sharing this information with you to put you off trying to lose weight completely which obviously i'm not.

 You deserve to be happy and confident in your body, so just be prepared for the many ups and downs in this journey along the way but ultimately stay committed to keeping things going when you're doing well and getting back on the horse if you fall off.

No more four week weight loss plans or being all or nothing in your approach to losing weight.

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