Mum of two gets a flat stomach in six weeks

A deadline can make a HUGE difference to the type of results you’re going to achieve and that was the case for Sabine when i worked with her.

She was going back to her native France and literally had six weeks before she left and so i did the only thing you can do, put together the most realistic fat loss plan for the time she had remaining.

So she completed 3x weight training sessions with me plus two cardio sessions alongside to achieve these results plus four meals per day.

No detoxes

No crash diet

No twice a day cardio

Just adherence and a strong work ethic in the gym for the results that she wanted.



Pretty great results, right?

Yup, is the answer and so don’t forget no matter where you’re starting from, the results that you want are within your grasp if you have a proper plan in place and are willing to work hard in a sustainable way.

Of which if you want to know how i can help you see the body that you want, apply for our body transformation program here;


*DISCLAIMER – The results that you achieve will completely depend on your current health, fitness and starting point.

Hey, just being honest 😉


Chris Mason