Do you want to strip body fat, build lean muscle and finally feel good about your physique?

Just Like These Guys Have....

*Dad of one, Craig, dropped a whopping 52lbs in just 12 weeks of consistent training and nutrition.

*Seb achieved a six pack in just 8 weeks at the age of 42!

*Sheffield Doctor, Kalyan, dropped fat and build lean muscle to get into the shape of his life.

Finally Rid Yourself of Excess Weight And Overhanging Belly Fat

Without a doubt the one frustration that our male clients come to us with is that they simply can't shift body fat and they just don't know what they should be doing for the best results they desperately want. 

You've tried gyms.... and diets.

That didn't work

You've hired personal trainers and still nothing,

You want something that is going help you strip belly fat, increase your strength and actually develop lean muscle tissue.

You're fed up of looking at the same body, with the same levels of flab looking back at you even though you're trying your hardest to change it

And you want to actually see a return on your efforts and impressive changes in your body.

So how would you feel if by this time in just 90 days time you could Transform your body, build your fitness and achieve the results that you always wanted?

Because here is the thing, i will have you consider that if you're struggling to lose weight and shift belly fat that it's not because you can't or that you're somehow different.

And with the results i am about to share with you i can understand that you might have a hint of skepticism, especially if you think you're doing 'all the right things'.

So what i am about to share with you is an insight into how we've hundreds of Men, and Women, achieve spectacular results in record time and then i'm going to give YOU the opportunity to do exactly the same.

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*Andy lost 42lbs in 12 weeks, dropping his shirt size from XXL to a medium!

*Lance dropped 38lbs in 16 weeks to reveal his dream physique!

We Help You Transform Your Body, Health and Fitness in 5 Important Ways


Our body transformation is 'battle' tested with Men just like you

My detailed weight training and cardiovascular programs have are tried and tested and have been refined to ensure that you're doing only the most effective exercise to help you lean up and see some definition.


We know where you're making mistakes with food and will take away any confusion or frustration by setting you your very own nutritional plans

No more diets or fads. Just a deeper understanding of what to eat, when and why so that you're finally seeing how powerful food can be in helping you sculpt your dream physique. 


You'll be trained in our private personal training gym away from congested weights areas

We know that big commercial gyms weights sections are rammed at peak times or stocked out with basic machines. 

At CMP you won't run into that problem and won't ever waste a workout, waiting around for a bench. As a rule of thumb, my personal training gym is 100% private and appointment only.

Where you can get stuck into the workouts that are going to make the difference in the results you see!


Support, guidance and expectation of results

My personal trainers are leaders in the field.

They know how to get results and they know exactly what to do with you to pick you up when you're demotivated, support you when you need it and drive you on when the goal is in sight. 

We're a team that focuses only on delivering results.  

After all.... you don't join a gym or hire a personal trainer because you want to waste money, do you?

You do it because you want changes and improvements


You'll learn how to stay lean forever

As long as you keep doing what brought you the results in the first place, i have to add.

Truly, you're capable of getting into great shape and staying in great shape.

The disconnect is that what you're doing right now, isn't working and there's a couple of gaps that need filling.

We will fill those gaps with eBooks, recipe guides and look to educate you as the how and why we doing things in our body transformation programming so that you don't ever have to lose the results you achieve with us as long as you're committed to staying health, lean and fit!

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Need More Convincing That You Can Do This Too? Here Are More Of Our Men Who've Lost The Fat Holding Them Back

* Regular gym goer, Mark, wasn't seeing results from lifting, that all changed when he starting following his CMP Transformation Programs

* Dad of two, Paul, built muscle and stripped fat in just 12 weeks!

* Sheffield business man, Andy, dropped an astonishing 50lbs in just 16 weeks of our program

* Uzzy, dropped half his total body fat to develop the physique he always wanted.

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So....What Are You Waiting For?

If you've got this far and you're still wondering whether YOU can achieve these results, then i have to say i am surprised but not totally shocked.

Because you've been to gyms and you've tried diets.

Heck you might even be in a position right now where you're not doubting me or our results but you're doubting yourself.

That's totally normal.

But here's what i will have you consider.... Nothing will change unless you do!

And you can do this, without a doubt.

If we can combine our personal training program for results with your newly found will power, then anything is possible.

Go right ahead and complete the enquiry form below, telling us all about the new shape you want to create and why, and we'll be in touch to see how we can help you become another of our success stories.

*DISCLAIMER - Results will vary. Whilst we will give you the tools for success, your results are 100% dependent on the commitment you show them.