Thank You!

Here is the itinerary for the Mastermind day;

Personal Trainer Mastermind

9am Start – Delving Deep Into Your ‘Avatar’, Business Model and How To Refine Your Services To Reach The Right Audience

10am – Understanding Your Client’s Motives and ‘Why’ – How To Go From Average Results To Exceptional Results and Keep A Diary Full Of Happy Customers (Adherence Strategies)

11am – Resistance Profiles Of The Exercises You’re Going To Use With Your Clients – What To Look For And How To Optimise

12noon – Lunch Break (30 mins)

12.30 – Fat Loss Metabolism and Nutritional Strategies For Results

2pm – Periodisation / Organisation of Training Systems For Transformation Results

3pm – Results Based Personal Training Sessions

4pm – 5pm – New Client / Lead Gen Strategies – Q and A on Business / Marketing / Personal Training / Systems / Anything You Want To Know or Ask

FINISH – Go Home, Recover and Level Up Your Personal Training Skills, Client Base and Career.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Chris Mason