Low Carb Or Low Fat For Fat Loss?

It is the age old question that every person
has on their mind when they’re trying to lose weight

Do i cut carbohydrates from my diet?


Do i cut fat from my diet?

to which has followed a HUGE surge in popular diets
all claiming to have the miracle cure to your body
fat woes

Hey, the hunter gatherers didn’t eat carbs you know,

they hunted like real men!

and everyone knows that fat, well makes you fat.

The clue’s in the name dumbass!


and here is the interesting thing, the guys in the labs coats have
shown in numerous studies that both low carb and low fat diets work
just as well as each other as long as total CALORIES are lower.



All this time you’ve been zero carb and zero fat and no one told you, you didn’t
have to?

Pass me a freaking bagel and a slice of cheesecake!



Hold on,

before you do amigo, because here is the clincher…

Whilst we don’t have to follow a low carb or low fat diet in the way you’ve been told,

We do have to eat less of BOTH OF THEM in order to the muffin from your top
and the thunder from your thighs

Why? because as a general rule of thumb we eat TOO MANY of both which
leads to us eating more calories than we thought we were and impairing
our bodies ability to break down FAT.

Too many carbs = impaired fat oxidation (breakdown of fat)

Too many fats = impaired fat oxidation (breakdown of fat)

and finally

Too many calories = impaired fat oxidation (breakdown of fat)

Meaning we get FATTER as a result.

==== What You Can Do Instead ====

My solution to helping our clients (and you) lose fat and tone up
is one that’s so simple it can fit with most peoples lifestyles;

we keep both fats and carbs in our clients diets, but give them
clear and concise guidelines for HOW MUCH of each that they’ll eat
depending on THEIR body, activity levels, job type and body fat.

Like typically, a portion size for carbs may be a fist sized amount

and a portion size for fats would be a tablespoon.

But BOTH should be included in your diet for fat loss, not avoided completely.

Does that sound simpler and easier to follow?

Thought so….

Now go and find what works for you!

Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason