Why you should lie, cheat and steal like the Russians did

Yesterday i shared with you the six healthy foods that can
make you fat and i’m sure that it made you think twice
about what you’re eating

Because in the main, you haven’t got a clue how many calories
is in what you’re eating and that means they can rack up fairly
quickly and move from being a fat burning machine to a fat storing

So at least know you’ve been armed with more tools in your tool box
in your fight against the flab.

So onto today.



The Russians.

After the debacle of Russian ultra fighting machines attacking innocent
and probably drunk English fans at the Euros

It now transpires that the Russian Government had a doping program
for ALL their athletes at the Sochi Olympics

Sponsored so heavily by the state that even their secret service were
employed to switch sample and cover for the offending athletes

and the truth is that it won’t be the last country to be found out,

So we can hardly blame those innocent Russians now can we.

and you shouldn’t either.

In fact, you’d probably benefit from lying, cheating and stealing
your way to victory just like the Russians did in your quest to lose weight
and tone up.

I mean, if someone dangled the carrot of the body you’ve always wanted in front
of you that meant all you had to do was take drugs, wouldn’t you do it?

The answer is no,

You wouldn’t (even though many do)

And this is the harsh reality of the fitness industry sometimes.

You’re constantly being led up the garden path by the diet industry, the supplement
industry and all the other charlatans in the promise that there is a quicker route
to get you to where you want

making you think that there are actually short cuts that some how bypass hard work and
consistent effort

There’s as much of a cover up there as there was by the Russian Government and you’ve
got to be careful who you follow and who you trust

So here is my tip for you from todays email.

If someone;

– Tells you to replace REAL food with weight loss shakes, soups or bars

– Tells you that a juice cleanse will help you lose weight long term

– Tells you to take fat burners or god for bid even drugs

– Tells you to cut out any major food group such as carbs, fats or

– Tells you to take something to stop your body from absorbing fat

– Encourages you have weight loss cosmetic surgeries

– Has you taking over 20 different supplements but not eating enough

Quite frankly, they’re full of more crap than Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain
and not teaching a thing about how to
lose weight, tone up and stay in shape for life through proper diet and exercise
like we do in our body transformation program

and, dare i say our results are more sustainable and better anyway.

In which case, i recommend completing our application form here and i’ll meet you
personally for a free consultation in which we’ll chat about how we can help you
get the body that you want drug free;


Speak Soon,


Chris Mason