Haran’s 12 Week Transformation

Here is another 12 week photoshoot transformation;

Haran had been training with me for quite a while before we decided to set a goal of achieving a photoshoot transformation together.

After a six month period where the primary goal was to add as much muscle as we possibly could, we then set a 12 week diet and training program in place, gradually increasing the volume of training sessions and gradually decreasing caloric intake to ensure Haran would come in lean enough for a shoot with top fitness photographer, Chris Bailey.

Suffice to say that Haran absolutely nailed it and rose to the challenge of what can be difficult, testing and at times question why you set the goal in the first place.

A photoshoot transformation ISN’T for everyone and you yourself are probably just looking to lose weight, tone up and learn how to stay in good shape and good health for life without thinking of getting shredded.

But this goes to show what can be achieved if you do want to achieve a bigger goal

Here are Haran’s 12 week before and after shots;

Haran Back

Haran Front


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