How To Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good.

Cellulite is literally the scurge of every womans
body and even when you don't weigh a lot, it can
still be the proverbial pain in the ass

You don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini because of

You avoid wearing skirts or anything that will show off
your thighs

and make sure you're covered up at every turn to avoid people
seeing the lumps and bumps you don't want but can't seem to get rid

Heck you even go to the gym and start these things called 'diets' just to get rid of it....​

But what exactly IS cellulite?

Essentially cellulite is adipose tissue

aka fat.

and it tends to affect women more so in the areas that you're ALREADY
pre disposed to storing fat in;

the bum, the hips an the thighs.

In fact....​

The only reason why Women suffer from actually seeing more cellulite
than Men do is because the connective tissue that covers fat mass is
much thinner in Woman than in Men

so that cottage cheese like presentation of your fat is visible, giving you the rippling of your skin instead of a smooth appearance.

and probably the worse thing about cellulite is this;​

Women have NINE TIMES as many 'fat storage' receptors in the hips, butt and thighs than men do which makes you more prone to storing fat here.

: (

So it's an uphill battle already when it comes to losing fat and losing cellulite. 

Sorry to say, that's the bad news ladies.

But fear not.

There is good news a coming. 

==== How To Actually Get Rid Of Cellulite For Good ====

Now here is the stuff that's gonna make a difference to your lumps and bumps and cellulitey (not sure that's even a word) legs and bum.

and it's kinda like sending in the AVENGERS to save the day.

It's that powerful.

But simply put;

First and foremost you've gotta give your body a reason to break down ANY
type of fat, including cellulite

what is going to work for losing your belly bulge is also going to work
to shape up and tone your thighs and butt.

So that DOES mean eating less foods that increase body fat and impair your
ability to break down body fat

This means less total calories and learning to keep an eye on how many carbs
and fats YOU actually need.

Too many carbs = impaired fat burning and storage of fats in blood stream

Too many fats = impaired fat burning and increase fat storage

Too many total calories = impaired fat burning and increase fat storage

So how much should you be eating?

For our clients, i shoot for a fist sized amount of protein per meal, a fist
sized amount of carbs and a tablespoon of fats within their personalised meal

and 90% of the time making sure that these nutrients are coming from whole foods
such as chicken, turkey, potatoes, rice, vegetables, fruits, avocados etc whilst
avoiding foods that will increase cellulite storage such as trans and hydrogenated
fats and overall too many calories.

Now you could count calories but i would say that you don't need to.

At least, i don't with ​our clients. I can make it easier than that.

We can achieve GREAT results and loss of fat with those simple portion sizes listed for food above but to recap;

A fist sized amount of protein each meal

A fist sized amount of carbs

A tablespoon of fats.

Brucey Bonus; Keep a food diary too, you won't believe how much FOOD and hidden calories in drinks that you get through in a day. ​

Secondly, we've got to be lifting weights.

and no ladies it ain't gonna make you bulky.

Because here is the thing...

If we can ADD lean muscle whilst we're reducing the amount of cellulite then
you're going to have much more tone to your booty and more likely to have slender
and shapely pins that you can be happier with.

I've found that teaching our clients how to use effective exercises such as squats,
deadlifts, lunges and leg curls and actually FEEL them properly whilst exercising
goes a long way to changing the *look* of your legs.

But don't neglect upper body exercises too...

Increasing blood flow around the body is an important factor for total body fat loss
and will help change how your whole body changes, not just the cellulite.

For our clients, i like to plan their training programs THREE MONTHS in front so that they
and i know how we're going to be able to drop fat for good.

Start to do all of these things and you'll have more than chance of losing those lumpy
bits from your legs and be more likely to develop;

- Killer body confidence that means you can wear what you like

- Be less likely to avoid showing your legs off and more likely to have the care free
attitude you had in your 20's

- Feel more attractive and have less 'i have a headache' nights to avoid love time
with your partner or hubby

- Lose OVERALL body fat as well as cellulite as you develop consistency and more
motivation to succeed.

So there you have it.

Now go and get after the results that you want!​

Yours in Health,


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