How to get 80% better results from just 20% effort

A while back, we talked about a little known
Italian economist called Vilfredo Pareto

the ‘creator’ of the 80:20 rule,


funnily enough, he discovered that 80% of the land
in Italy was owned by just 20% of the population.

Vilfredo, being the smart cookie that he was, wanted
to see if this was applicable to other things too, like
success, wealth and so forth

everytime the same thing ringing true.

80% of the success was down to 20% of the efforts.

And so Pareto’s Law was born.



^^^ That’s him right there

(kinda like looking into the future for me with my hair line)

Now, the numbers don’t have to be exact but they are
very important to you too amigo and the truth is

80% of the success you have when it comes to losing
weight and toning up will come from just 20% of your efforts
believe it or not

and vice versa.

80% of your inability to lose weight will come from the 20%
of the mistakes you’re making

Yes, very important numbers indeed.

And you know me by now, i like to have something that i can
measure that means something, you know?

So we can make sense of it all.

And if all you need to do is maximise the 20% of your efforts to
be more in line with seeing the body that you want, wouldn’t you
bite my hand off for it?

Of course you would, we all like to get the biggest return for
doing the least.

I’d agree with you and say that’s the smart thing.

So when you look into your diet, exercise routine and even lifestyle
right now,

what would you say you can refine to get more for doing less?

I’d like to know.

So feel free to reply.

For me,

It was making sure i limited alcohol to a certain number of drinks per

and making sure that everytime i had a stressful day where i felt like
i was flying by the seat of my pants trying to do everything, NOT to
go home a ‘reward’ myself with food just because…

And as if by magic, my workouts improved, i gained more muscle, lost
more fat but also looked and felt better too.

So i keep churning the numbers,

What is the small that i need to change in order to receive a lot.

Makes it ever so simple and i guess we can thank old Vilfredo for

Speak Soon,


P.S. believe it or not, i also use this principle in my body transformation
program where we simplify everything from nutrition to exercise so that
you get 80% better results that you’re getting now for optimising just the

Like i said, that’s how i can get you more for less which is pretty cool
(and means you don’t have to flog your backside trying hard but getting little)

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Chris Mason