Five Things EVERY Gym Program Should Have…

Walk around most commercial gyms in the U.K. today
and what you see is a lot of people putting in the effort
in on resistance machines, free weights, functional equipment,
cardio and the like

But not having much direction as to how any of this stuff is
going to help them lose weight, tone up and get fitter.

Not to mention improve joint health, overall strength and overall

But besides that, many of you drop out of the gym mainly because you’re
not seeing the one thing you’re there for RESULTS.

it’s hard enough not being happy with your body and NOT losing weight
to also not know what to do in the gym too.

don't know gym

But once again, i’m here and i’ve got your back (as always)

So today i am going to share with you the FIVE THINGS that every
exercise program that you do at the gym should include if you’re
going to the gym anywhere between one and four times per week;

and no, it’s not step aerobics 😉

1. A Push Movement (Horizontal or Vertical)

Here we’re talking chest press, shoulder press, press ups,
dumbbell press.

2. A Pull Movement (Horiztonal or Vertical)

Here we are talking rows, pulldowns, upright rows, single
arm rows.

3. A Hip Dominant Movement

Here we are thinking deadlifts, glute ham raises, hip bridges.

4. A Knee Dominant Movement.

Here we are thinking squats, leg press and split squats.

5. A Carry, A Brace Or A Conditioning Movement.

Here we are thinking farmers walks, a plank or a sled push
for rounds.

So this may look like this.

A. Seated Rows.

B. Split Squats

C. Chest Press

D. Trap Bar Deadlift

E. Planks

F. Conditioning Rounds

Now again, this is a nice little intro as to what should be included
in your exercise programs and we can always progress this workout
into more advanced routines like super sets, tri sets and giant sets
as we get more confident and see more changes to our bodies.


If we manage to include all of these in our workouts then we’re
more likely to have better posture, lose fat faster and look better

AND, we’re less likely to walk around the gym wondering what the hell
we should be doing to have an effective workout that produces better

Oh, and we’re more likely to stay in shape.

(which means more energy, more attractiveness and usually a better love
life 😉 )

Try changing up your gym program a little, include these and let me know how you get on!

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Chris Mason