Five High Protein Breakfast Ideas


I brought you an article questioning whether your breakfast cereals are making you fat.

Which you can check out here;​

​So, if you know that breakfast is usually one of the major meals of the day where you're lacking protein and usually eat more carbohydrates than your realise.


Today i want to bring you five high protein breakfast ideas for you to try out and make your breakfast more beneficial for your health, energy levels and of course

Your waistline.

1. Omelette

Simple, quick and easy to make; omellete with veggies thrown in.

Provides a great deal of protein, good fats and will help curb hunger cravings until lunch. ​

2. Bacon and Eggs

Turkey bacon, normal bacon, doesn't matter.

Which ever you fancy and whatever your preferences.

Bacon and eggs is a staple British breakfast and minus the black pudding and white toast and butter is still a decent choice if you're looking to lose weight.

3. Breakfast Burrito

If you're avoiding bread or following a lower carb diet, replace the bread with ham and scramble up some eggs and veggies or rice and beans like a typical burrito and voilá, a high protein breakfast is served.​

4. Smoked Salmon and Eggs on Wholemeal / Granary Toast​

High protein, quality fats and slower releasing carbs with fibre.

Smoked salmon and eggs on wholemeal  / granary toast is another great breakfast option.

Again, just know what your calories, proteins, fats and carbs need to be for the rest of the day to ensure you continue to lose weight  / body fat.​

5. Kippers

Now i get that you might not want fish first thing in the morning but i wanted to end this article with something a bit different and kippers are definately that.

A high protein and quality fat source, kippers are not just reserved to our Scottish counterparts and will offer a different option at breakfast time if you fancy it.

So there you have it,

Five high protein breakfast ideas to help you in your battle with the bulge.

Yours in Health,


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