Why Exercise Is Pointless For Losing Weight

It’s been said.

and it is (partially) true.

Exercise is pointless if your overall goal is to lose weight and body fat

and i’m afraid to say that no matter how many Zumba classes you do per week, HIIT classes and weightlifting sessions you’ll STILL notice that you weigh the same come the weeks end if your food intake matches what you’re expending.

Ain’t that a kick in the crotch?

And here is another,

For some people, it seems NO MATTER what type of exercise they do, they still struggle to shift weight and lose fat

But Why?

Now, for the purpose of the this article i am going to assume that you the reader are at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of the number of calories you actually burn from exercise.

Because we’re not athletes, right?

So here is the reality about those gym sessions

It’s been shown that relative beginners or those starting from a sedentary
position to only burn between 5 and 10 calories per minute during exercise.

<<< yes, it really is THAT low

(whereas trained individuals or athletes would potentially burn more calories per minute)

and whilst we could compare individual exercises such as an intense weights session vs a low impact cardio session, for the rest of this article lets say that we fall into the spectrum of between 5 – 10 calories per minute.

But, as fat loss researcher, Lyle Mcdonald points out, it takes more like 3800kcal to be either ‘burned via exercise / movement’ or to be restricted from the diet in order to lose just but for now 1lb of fat.

That’s a hell of a lot of exercise!


Say you go to the gym three times per week for an hour to lift weights, do a class or some cardio
you could probably safely say that come the end of the week from the exercise you’ve burnt anywhere
between 600 – 1800kcal depending on the time you ACTUALLY SPEND EXERCISING

If you take your phone and spend a lot of your gym time flicking through facebook or checking work emails you can assume that you’ll end your workout at the lower end of the calorie burn per minute.

and the speed of which you’re making significant improvements in your body is going to be slow at best.


Pretty disappointing.

So if you really are burning so few calories from exercise, there has to be more at
play here….

And this is where FOOD comes in.

You know that you have to eat less to lose fat, right?

Well, there is a little more to it than that.

The whole reason you go to the gym is to MOBILISE FAT, right?

and if we manage to do this properly, it means that we’re creating a calorie deficit in our diet (i.e. eating less) and via exercise

it would lead to a change in our body shape and levels of fatness quicker than if….

  • You’re not eating right, or don’t even know where to start.
  • You’re eating too many calories
  • And too many carbs
  • and too many fats
  • Eating too little / much protein
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Inconsistently going to the gym
  • You’re struggling to stick to your diet

So you have to know what you need to be eating in order to create that calorie deficit that’s going to facilitate the change in your body.

Plus it’s easier to eat 500kcal less per day than it is to spend the hours per needed from exercise to achieve the same outcome.

Food intakes and calorie consumption will literally make or break your results even if you are consistently going to the gym and working hard.



It’s just not as effective at controlling calories as much as you tightening the proverbial belt on what goes into your mouth!

( Hey, we’ve all got fast cake hands if we’re left to our own devices )

And maybe the type of exercise you’re doing right now maybe isn’t as effective either if you’re not lifting weights and performing specific cardio routines alongside your lifting days.

And more importantly,

It’s going to take longer than you think and requires more commitment that you initially thought to REALLY see the results you want to see.

and that’s ok.

Give yourself the time needed to achieve amazing results.

Yours in Health,



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