How To Exercise In A Busy Gym – Part 1 – Dumbbell Series

What do you do if you get to the gym and it’s too busy?

You can’t get hold of a weights bench,

The machines are all taken,

and you’re resigned to yet another half an hour session on the treadmill.

And sure….

What I am about to share with you isn’t how we would train a client in our private gym as a part of our body transformation program, but we have the luxury of space and equipment.

And if you’re in a commercial gym and training early / late, you might not have that luxury.

So here goes…

Follow the video and sequence of exercises in order for 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps and then hit the rower, bike or treadmill for some cardio!

Without a doubt, this would be better than nothing or better than spending half an hour plodding on the cross trainer.


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Chris Mason