Do you ever take a break??

Four days off,

No phone,

No email,

No *thinking*

Just enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Damn it felt good to actually switch off properly,

Because as you know, we always say that we’re going to
switch off but do still end up checking emails, facebook,
work, whatever,

But how can you ever appreciated what you’ve got if you’re
always *doing it* and never having a break?


Kinda like taking your phone on holiday

or your laptop on a mini break

just ‘in-case’

And you know, not only do i know that if you’re a business owner
yourself you’ll have fallen into that trap many a times but i
also know that if you’re currently trying to lose weight and tone
up that you’re falling into that trap too

As in,

You’re always thinking, analysing and trying to change your body or
some parts of it that overhang and stick outta your skirts but never
quite enjoying changing your body.


It feels like a slog for you but not anybody else

It feels like you’re never quite seeing the body that you want and it’s
getting harder each year

and it feels like anytime you’re are successful in losing weight, it’s just do damn
difficult and slow

So here is my simple but effective advice for you today if you find
yourself doing the above;

Stop, take a few days off where you don’t think about it all and then
come back to it.

I guarantee that you’ll have more motivation, more desire and more
clarity on what you want because you’ve had a break from trying to lose
weight and from trying to stick to a diet.

But you’ve got to fully switch off to harness it’s true power.

‘But Chris, i’ll still have the same problem with not knowing how to lose
weight or how to eat when it come back to it’

True, you may have the same challenges but you don’t have to if you decide to
work with us in our body transformation program.

You currently have the problem of not being able to change your body or lose weight and
i have the solution of knowing how to help you do both and can make it easier and less

Oh and we’ll do it all from the comfort of a luxury, private gym that you don’t
have to share with anyone else.

For that, tell me more about yourself here;

Chris Mason