DUP – My Favourite Method For Results and Preventing Boredom

Speak to any personal trainer, strength coach, gym instructor or even
a regular gym goer and they’ve all got their own philosophies and go to
training programs

Sometimes, because of that you end up getting stuck in just one way
of exercising and stick to it rigidly even if it isn’t producing the
results that you want

Now, me,

I probably used to be like that at some point but haven’t been that way
for a VERY long time

In fact,

I’m a bit of a nerd in all honesty

and i find great pleasure in pouring over my programs for clients to
analyse what works best and work doesn’t work as well in terms of

From which i found a breakthrough

Though it shouldn’t have been so suprising, once i understood the mechanisms
behind why this new style of programming was working so well.

You see…

If you pick up any REAL exercise book on how to program your exercise for
results you’ll stumble across something called periodisation

Which kinda sounds technical but is really how you order exercise so that
the training effect has the best chance of working and so usually the program
is split into certain blocks with certain goals

For example;

Block 1 – Muscular Endurance

Block 2 – Muscular Hypertrophy

Block 3 – Strength

Block 4 – Power

In this case each block might last four weeks or longer where the sole aim is
to increase proficiency in the rep ranges and programming for each block to
elicit the desired training effect

I.E. in a strength phase, getting stronger.

And whilst this type of periodisation called linear periodisation would work
without a doubt in producing results, i’ve found a better way for you

Someone who wants to lose weight, tone up and generally look awesome
(without getting bored in the gym)

Introducing DUP

DUP, meaning daily undulating periodisation is my FAVOURITE method for
training for myself and my clients.

And it’s my favourite because

A) It’s not boring


B) It allows us to hit all the rep ranges required for ALL facets of

Meaning that we have a good mix of all the training effects that the previous
linear periodisation blocks would allow us to achieve

(though if your goal is solely power and strength then that is still probably the best
way to go)

I first came across DUP a few years ago when i attending Dr Brad Schoenfeld’s seminar in
London on the mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy, in which he spoke at length about the mechannics
behind how our bodies allow us to add lean muscle tissue and look great naked

From there i set about making a few tweaks and improvements to my programming and started incorporating
DUP into client training plans.

DUP, basically means that instead of following block training in the regular fashion we’re now going
to incorporate all rep ranges into a weekly cycle which may look something like this

Monday – Wholebody (Light)

Wednesday – Wholebody (Moderate)

Friday – Wholebody (Heavy)



Monday – Wholebody (Light)

Tuesday – Wholebody (Light)

Thursday – Wholebody (Moderate)

Friday – Wholebody (Moderate)

Monday – Wholebody (Heavy)

Tuesday – Wholebody (Heavy)

and the possibilities are endless with DUP as we can apply it to advanced wholebody routines, upper / lower
routines, push / pull / legs routines and even tradition split training programs.

So just remember this,

There is no reason to just keep pitching up at the gym to do your 3 sets of 8 – 12, staying frustrated that your
body isn’t changing

the scope for how your body will change is greater than that and will require much more planning and change if you’re going to
get the results that you want.

Give DUP a go and let me know how you get on!

Yours in Health,


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Chris Mason