Dracula’s Delts!

The legend of the Count reaches far and wide....

And when the light gives way to the dark,

you won't want to open your eyes,

For there is a feast that's about to resume,

And without hesitation, he's coming for you...

With his fangs strong and sharp,

And his thirst for blood rising,

The count is hungry it's rather unsurprising,

He's moving in closer and getting near

Can you escape or are you stiffened by fear?

Thud goes the sound of footsteps with a knock at the door,

You try to scream out but your voice is so hoarse

Dracula has arrived

and he's ready for first course!

Try this workout for Dracula's DELTS... It's a giant set that will make your muscles scream with fear;

A1. Y Raises

A2. Rear Delt Cable Flies

A3. Lean Forward Lateral Raises

A4. Seated DB Shoulder Press

Hit reps of 8-10 and shoot for 3-4 total sets!

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