What would Chris Mason say about that?

Funny story,

One of clients was working the night shift,
and happened to grab herself a packet of crisps
during her 12 hour stint at the hospital.

Only for one of colleagues to quip;

‘What would Chris Mason say about that?’

Well, not a lot actually,

Because here is the thing;

I’m not a freaking food nazi

and i’m not here to tell you
all the things that you CAN’T have in your diet when
you’re looking to lose weight

There are enough restrictive diets on the market without me adding to it

and if the diet that you’re following right now isn’t sustainable for you, then you haven’t a chance of being able to keep the results

that you achieve because you will eventually cave in and want the foods that you’re missing right now.


Because food is both a emotional and social tool that we use.

It’s not just food and it’s not just fuel.

So setting up a diet to remove any type of food, usually means that you’ll end up craving it and then bingeing on it at

some point in the future.

It’s the way ALL diets go.

and so, my job isn’t to just take away.

I’m here to help show you how you can set up the perfect diet that means you can fit ‘unhealthy foods’ and alcohol
into your diet in moderation and STILL see the changes in your
body that you’re after

that makes you feel good.

It isn’t my job to stick you on some ass backwards diet that makes you feel
miserable and makes you want your favourite treats more

No, that sounds pretty crappy to me.

and that’s probably where you’re going wrong right now i’d

—->>> Start diet

—->>> Fall off the diet and fill your face of all the food you’d

binge eating woman

—->>> Put weight back on, clothes get tighter and feel even more miserable about
your body

—->>> Start another diet.

—->>> Repeat

—->>> Never learn how to lose weight without being all or nothing.

And so,

Chris Mason wouldn’t say too much if about those treats if it meant that you’d
finally found something that helps you lose weight for the long term without
going all or nothing on every diet you follow and eventually failing.

A 7/10 all of the time will trump a 10/10 for some of the time and 1/10 for the rest.

Afterall a success story is only a success story if the results can be maintained,

right? and there’s nothing inherently difficult about maintain a fairly flexible diet.

you can’t say
fairer than that can you?

No, you can’t Chris is the answer

and in the above clients case, 57lbs and 5 dress sizes lost in three years shows
me that she’s doing something right.


Yours in Health,


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Chris Mason