Changes To Personal Training Services

Alongside undertaking a full covid - 19 risk assessment and receiving approval for operations from the local authority whilst making alterations and safety enhancements in the facility here are some operational changes to personal training services to ensure safety of staff and clients.

Your Personal Training Sessions

IMPORTANT CHANGE #1 – Clients must complete an updated and new personal training agreement and health questionnaire via docusign before resuming training with us.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #2 – All clients must leave the building immediately upon the completion of their personal training session and should not arrive early to wait in the building.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #3 – Where possible clients will arrive ready to train. If requiring the use of changing rooms, clients must use the disinfectant spray to clean the changing room immediately after use.

Showers will be inaccessible at this time.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #4 – Temperature checks will be made upon entering the facility. Any client with a high temperature will be asked to leave immediately.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #5 - Clients must use the paper towels provided in the changing rooms and not bring their own towels for use.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #6 - Clients are responsible for cleaning their own sweat before WE clean the machine / weights with antibacterial spray. We will not wipe their sweat off the machines.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #7 – Clients should bring a separate pair of trainers to change into upon entering the facility.


IMPORTANT CHANGE #8 – you wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in hot soapy water or with hand sanitiser when they ARRIVE and when they LEAVING the facility

IMPORTANT CHANGE #9 – Social distancing of current guidelines must be observed at all times.

Clear entrances and exits for each floor of the facility to avoid client cross over and congestion between training sessions.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #10 – The facility must be well ventilated throughout the day, therefore windows will be open throughout your training session and cannot be closed.

At present all staff will be using PPE.

IMPORTANT CHANGE #11 – Body fat assessments will not be possible, instead you are able to track circumference measurements alongside regular photos that we will take in accordance with your planned training and nutritional phases

IMPORTANT CHANGE #12 – Payment will be made by paypal monthly.

Cash payments will not be accepted.

FINAL CHANGE – If you feel ill at all, even if symptoms are unrelated to Covid-19, please do not attend your session and reschedule.



Chris Mason