How our bodies actually use carbohydrates

In our last article, we discussed what carbohydrates actually
DO in the body and why it’s still a pretty good idea to eat
carbs even if you are looking to lose weight and tone up.

We talked about how each carbohydrate type that we eat eventually
becomes a single carbohydrate molecule for our bodies to use

But how do our bodies actually use these carbohydrates and
what are the mechanisms involved?

We’ll first we have to remove glucose from the blood stream in
order to use it.

This means that we need to have some method of transportation,

Kinda like Uber, but in your body instead.

This involves a hormone called insulin and some things called
glucose transport proteins (also known as GLUT transporters)


glucose transport

So essentially, the glucose molecule calls for an Uber and is
now happily sat in the car being taken to its destination.

Now some of these GLUT transporters aka optimus primes are found
in cells that don’t require insulin in order to uptake glucose
and some DO require insulin in order to uptake glucose

Why is this important?

Because we wrongly believe that carbohydrates and insulin are the REASONS
why we put on fat and gain weight

Not true, total calories alongside too many fats and too many carbs TOGETHER
are usually the culprits


The GLUT transporters that are involved in servicing the heart cells, fat cells and
skeletal muscle cell are the ones that we’re interested in the most and these are the ones
that are sensitive to insulin magical powers

With me so far?

Here’s the recap.

We eat carbs —->>> break it down into glucose —->>>> it enters the blood stream
—->>>> GLUT Transporters that are dependant and independent of insulin spring into
action on the target cells —->>>> Glucose is taken up into the cell

and this is where the REAL magic happens.

Once the glucose is in the target cell it becomes primed and ready to create energy from
(it becomes phosphorylated via ATP) and so is ready to enter the bodies metabolic pathways.

If we need to create energy there and then from the glucose then we can as it enters the bodies
energy systems (Glycolytic pathways, the Krebs cycle and Electron Transport Chain)

or if we need to replenish carbohydrate stores after a hard workout it can do that too and
rebuild our muscle and liver glycogen stores via glycogenolysis which are then on hand
whenever they’re required for use.

And guess where all of this happens?

In the mitochondria of our cells.



and where are insect looking mitochondria found in the highest amounts?

Muscle cells.

=== Geez, Stop With The Science Lesson Already ===


I’ve shared this with you because it’s important that you STOP following crappy advice when it comes to diet and trying to lose weight.

So you can see.

It’s not only important to be lifting weight to build lean muscle tissue to further enhance your metabolic
activity but it’s also important to eat your carbohydrates for a healthy, energetic and well oiled metabolic system.

None of this can happen following fad diets and crappy weight loss drinks.

They teach you and your body NOTHING about nutrition and nothing about fuelling yourself properly (and mean you regain
any weight you’ve lost right after you finish the diet)

Which is why in our body transformation program we’ve gone to great lengths to understand the science behind how your body
works so that you’re getting the right information and the best results possible.


Yours in health,


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