The biggest mistake i used to make ALL THE TIME

It may shock you to learn that i have made more of losses over the years than wins when it comes to trying to change my body.


and funnily enough,

I used to make this same mistake over and over a fair few years ago and i know that it will be affecting you too.

My biggest mistake was program hopping.

As in, each and every week i would be trying something new to ‘shock’ my body?

Sound familiar?

One week i’d have been reading a book by Strength Coach, Charles Poliquin or Westside Barbell and i would come away wanting to be strong and so implemented methods like Wave Loading, Clusters and Cojugate training.

and so for the next two weeks i would be all about strength training.

Then the next, i’d have read something else discussing the best way to lose body fat.

I’d read all about ‘metabolic training’ and then jump into circuits and high rep / low rest workouts in a two week stint to ‘get lean’.

Then i’d be reading from bodybuilders like Ben Pakulski, John Meadows and the like and would go ahead and jump into a 6 – 7 days a week bodybuilding split where i would train chest and biceps, back and biceps, legs, shoulders and abs…

Completely destroying myself with each method and wondering why i wasn’t getting results.

I’d spend months constantly program hopping and constantly changing my goals but never achieving anything of note in any of the methods i was following.

That’s where sometimes too much information can be a bad thing.

It’ll either lead to information overload and paralysis by analysis

or it’ll mean that you become confused over what should and shouldn’t be working.

and that’s just training.

What about all the diets out there too?

Get’s even more confusing, right?

So whilst years ago I knew the training methods, what i didn’t really know is how to fit them into a long term plan for the particular results i was looking for.


So, what’s the first thing you should do if you’re suffering from program hopping-itus?

Well without a doubt the first thing you need to do is GET CLEAR on what you want.

Understanding what you want but WHY you want it is probably the biggest aspect of exercise and nutrition that is overlooked.

If you don’t have a goal big enough to challenge, motivate and drive towards then no matter what training methods we talk about, it won’t be enough.

It has to come from you first.


Once you’re clear and laser focused, then you can move onto the exciting part of creating your masterpiece.

If you want to lose fat,

we need to plan for fat loss.

If you want to develop insane strength,

we need to plan for strength.

If you want to maximize building muscle,

we need to plan for hypertrophy.

And how long we ‘spend’ chasing each modality should depending completely on your starting position, training experience and consistency.

Only then can we measure what works best for us and only then can we expect to see the real head turning results you’re looking for. Here’s a few other articles for you to enjoy that will help you further;

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So what could you achieve?


Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason