The Benefits Of Coconut Oil As A Fat Source

Probably my favorite fat to consume / cook in is coconut oil, without a doubt.

By the way….

Knowledge is eating coconut oil but having the wisdom to  never ruin a coffee with it 😉

So why coconut oil?

Fats in coconut oil work very differently to other fats from the diet.

Because coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, it pretty much bypasses ‘normal’ digestive processing, instead being sent directly to the liver for processing which contributes to energy demands almost immediately.

This can be a useful fat to have around if you’re dieting harder, calories are lower than normal but you want a fuel source that can contribute to the creation of energy without being a sugary pick me up.

The other great benefit of coconut oil is that it is a better alternative to cook in over vegetable and sunflower oils.

Oils that contain trans and hydrogenated fats like the above are known to be unhealthy fats that have a negative impact on numerous markers of health and should be avoided if possible.

So there you have it,

Coconut oil is a beneficial fat to have in your diet that brings some unique qualities that other fats don’t bring.

and don’t forget, to lose fat you have to eat some good fats too

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