The Bench Press With Chains (or Bands)

Here is a nice little tip for you;

Try adding bands or chains to your bench press to increase the resistance of the exercise as the pecs move into their fully shorted (contracted) position.

This works very well because when you think about it,

Under normal conditions the bench press feels heaviest when the weight is at the bottom near your chest.

If you look at your pecs in this position, this is when they are fully LENGTHENED not shortened and thus means you’re not placing load when the pec fibres are at their point of peak contraction.

When we add in chains or bands, we’re now increasing the weight and resistance of the exercise when the pecs are moving into their fully SHORTENED position, which means we have more load on the fibres when they’re contracting the most.

This type of training fits well into both strength and hypertrophy programs and if you’re able to, you should definately give it a go.

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Chris Mason