Are all carbs the same?

Following on from our last article where i brokedown breakfast cereals and gave you the hard cold facts that what you eat at breakfast could be making you fatter

I want to go a step further, and give you some more useful information on those 'dreaded' carbs so that you make better choices for the weight loss results that you're looking for.

By now, if you read my previous articles on what carbs actually do, you'll know that the carbs that you eat fundamentally end up in their purest form, glucose. And what the body does with glucose from there, we've already explored so i'll save you the nerd lesson

So if all carbs end up as glucose, does it mean that all carbs are the same?

You may think that they are, but no they aren't.

Each carbohydrate source provides a very different carbohydrate profile and gives you either more or less carbohydrates per 100g depending on what you're eating.

So that *could* mean simply overeating and taking in more carbs and calories than you need and NOT losing weight (obviously, taking total calories, protein and fats into consideration too)

or hitting the sweet spot of enought carbs for energy, exercising and recovery WHILST losing weight.

So, If carbs aren't all equal, Which ones should you be eating?

Well take a look at the table below and you'llsee the highest ranking of carbs per 100g down to the lowest.

From here, very simply you can see whether you mightbe eating more carbs than you thought or less depending on your current diet;

Food Source

Total Carbs Per 100g







Rich Teas


White Pasta




Plain Bagel


White Bread




Wholemeal Bread


Basmati Rice


Wholemeal Pasta


Sweet Potatoes

White Potatoes






​Now here is a further twist to the carby plot.

All these carbs would weigh 100g on a scale, provide you very different amounts of total carbs per serving and have a VERY different impact on your blood sugar and total carb intake for the day.

Compare berries to a bagel for example.

5g of total carbs vs 60g of total carbs for the SAME 100g measurement of carbohydrates.

Pretty crazy huh?​

So does this mean that you should only eat lower total carb, carbohydrates?

Not necessarily, and that is the magic of YOU.

You may need more or less depending on your body fat, levels of muscle tissue, current health, job and exercise levels. ​

But it gives you something to think about, right?​

​When it comes to carbs you shouldn't ever cut them from your diet, but you should know what you're getting when you eat them.

Yours in Health,


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