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Louise struggled with lockdowns, put weight on and couldn't get herself going.

She couldn't wear the clothes she wanted to and her body confidence took a hit, but not anymore!

Louise is now in the shape of her life and here she is to tell you about her transformation journey!


Running multiple businesses across the U.K. Tim was responsibility rich but time poor. 

He wasn't exercising, he was grabbing food on the go and his stress levels were through the roof!

Here's what Tim's transformation meant to him and how it changed his performance in business, his energy and health and importantly, his life!

So Just To Recap.... I'll take the guess work and frustration away from you and in return we'll have a clear plan of action 

Nutritional education and customised calorie framework for YOUR body.

Transform from home!

*Bands and dumbbells needed

Or from the gym!

Programs created around the results you want!

Full educational system from one of the U.K.'s top transformation coaches.

Finally learn how to lose fat for good!


Kath has a busy and very stressful job. Working long hours meant that Kath was often grabbing food on the go and turning to wine to destress.

She wasn't happy with her body and wasn't happy in herself.

Fast forward to now and Kath has lost 54lbs, 3 dress sizes and is the HAPPIEST she's ever been. 

Here is Kath to tell you more about her transformation journey with Chris Mason Coaching!


'What you guys have taught me is life changing!'

Liam lost 3 stones with his personalised training and exercise program, feeling more positive each and every day when previously his was struggling with motivation and daily energy. 

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