6 Tips For Getting Back Into Shape After Your Holidays

Lets face it,

You work hard year round.

So when it comes to your holidays you’re going to indulge!

Cocktails by the sea,

Ice creams, cakes and puddings each meal time,

The endless stream of food and drink from your all inclusive,

Relaxing in the Sun and letting go of the stress and strains of life back home.

No reason to deny yourself, you’re on holiday!

But then you get home.

Reality Hits.

If you’re like the average holiday maker, you’ll have gained 8lbs or more from your time in the sun (and in the bar of course)

Which for most means that in just 7 – 14 days you’ve probably regained back the weight and fat that may have took you 12 weeks to lose.


So here are 6 tips to help you get back into the swing of things and back into shape.

Assess The Damage

Before you can get yourself back into shape, you need to assess the damage.

Check your Weight,

Measure your Chest, Abdomen, Hips and Thighs,

Take your Body Fat,

Take Photos.

Do whatever you need to do to have a starting point that you can measure against.

And for the love of God, don’t be hard on yourself.

So what if you’ve put weight on on holiday, this article is about helping you get back into shape NOT to allow you to beat yourself up for regaining a bit of blubber.

Accept That The Holiday Is Over

Sounds simple but sometimes hard to do.

You’ve been in the routine of having drinks each day and eating high calorie foods freely.

But, the truth is it’s time to get back to work and get yourself back into the swing of things.

Your holiday is over and now is the time to start working on looking and feeling even better for the next one.

Get Back To The Gym As Early As Possible

Everyone knows that the longer you leave going back to the gym, the longer you’ll continue to put it off.

Make a pact to get back into the gym with 24 – 48hrs of landing back home.

Psychologically, it will be much easier to get back into good habits and a solid routine if you hit the gym sooner rather than later.

And dudes, i don’t mean jump straight into The Incredible Hulk’s 7 Day bodybuilding split routine and burn out after a week.

Just get in and build from there.

Don’t wait until Monday, whatever you do.

Because Monday never comes.

Rewire Your Brain

Sure sounds simple, but just as putting the gym off leads to you never starting back,

Avoiding eating healthy and nutritious foods leads to continuation of eating pizza, ice creams, chocolates and so on and thus reinforcing your connection to these high palatability foods.

And it makes sense from an evolutionary point of view.

The Ventral Tagmental Area (TVA) is the ‘reward’ part of your brain that’s involved in decision making and historically speaking would deepen your connection to foods that provide a lot of calories and thus ensure survival from a starvation point of view.


If you keep on with the treats, you’ll find it harder and harder to face something lower calorie such as a chicken salad because your body is looking for that dopamine hit associated with the response from your brain when eating high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods.

Instead aim to eat three to four balanced meals to keep you full and sugar cravings at bay.

Set A Target And Hunt It Down


So you gained weight on holiday.

So what? Everybody does.

But it’s likely that you’re reading this because you actually want to feel leaner, more toned and happier in your own skin.

So i’ll let you in on a little secret;

You need something to hold you accountable if you’re going to lose that holiday weight and ultimately achieve more.

Otherwise, you won’t have anything to focus on to make sure you follow through on what you ‘want’ to achieve.

So let’s say you’ve got the 8lbs to lose.

Make a goal of losing that within six weeks or so of getting back on track with the gym and eating well.

So if in six weeks you need to lose 8lbs,

By week three aim to have lost 4lbs

and so on.

After you’ve hit this first target, you can reassess, continue to set targets and continue to improve.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

Getting back on track with food after your holiday doesn’t mean a juice, a cleanse or some ass backwards diet, it’s much simpler than that.

And it doesn’t mean eating only ‘good’ foods and avoiding ‘bad’ ones.

Afterall, the more restrictive you make your diet after a holiday where you’ve eaten everything in sight, the quick you’ll end up on the binge / diet rollercoaster you’ve been on before

Here’s all you need do;

  • Create a calorie deficit
  • Set a protein goal
  • Use the remaining calories for carbs, fats and a 10% leeway for a treat or a couple of drinks.
  • Continue to make adjustment to calories and macros as you lose weight and body fat.

That’s it.

Now go forth and get yourself into awesome shape.

You’ve got another holiday to plan!

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