5 Ways To Build Muscle So You Lose Fat

Ok, i’m going to cut to the chase here my friend.

if you want to lose body fat and have a lean and toned
body you HAVE to build muscle.

Fo’ sure.

Because here is the thing,

Muscle is ACTIVE tissue that you’re body has to ‘service’
and just by adding a few more pounds of muscle to your body
than you have now will accelerate your ability to lose fat


Because of where we ‘burn’ fat.

And that my friends is in something called a mitochondria,
which funnily enough is found in the highest amounts in
muscle cells!

and the best way to build muscle? Lift weights!

But not just any old way.

It’s not like you’re going to be able to jump on a leg curl
and chest press machine at your gym tomorrow and the wake up
the next day lean and toned.


*Results like these aren’t easy and only come with the right guidance

In fact,

Some ways of building muscle work better than others so we’re
going to quickly overview these here so that you have the ‘insider
knowledge’ that you need to change your shape and enhance your results.

I’ve found that these ways will work just as well for beginners
looking to lose a lot of fat as it does long term gym goers looking
to refine and tweak.


1. Wholebody Training

Hitting every major muscle group a couple of
times per week allows for increased muscular stimulation and potential
fat break down should nutrition be on point.


2. Push, Pull, Legs, Wholebody

This allows us to hit major muscle groups
with more VOLUME than whole body to get those internal mechanism firing.


3. Upper / Lower Split Training

This goes one further and allows us to

really home in on adding tone and definition whilst losing fat.


4. Traditional Split Training

Should you be able to exercise 5 – 6 times

per week and actually be able to recover this *could* work for you but there
is usually plenty of progress in the previous three before here


5. Failure Methods

Dropsets, strip sets, extended sets, partials all push
the body to the point at which muscle cell mechanics are being told, you need
to improve!

Again quite advanced and not necessary for beginners but would
work well with advanced clients.

So there you have it.

A little more framework and a little more guidance.

The trick is knowing how to set these up for serious, head turning results.

Speak Soon,


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Chris Mason